Cole’s Letter Essay #3: [Book Title]

Dear Blog,
The latest book that I have just finished reading was “I am number 4”, a 440 paged science fictional book by Pittacus Lore, who actually included himself as one of the characters in the book.
I am number 4 is part of a 5 book series. I have always noticed this book but never actually decided to read it until a friend recommended it to me because I am now going to read every single book in the series. This book was a #1 New York Times bestseller.
One quality that makes this book so valuable and superior to other books is because of the whole idea that it revolves around. In this book there are 10 aliens sent from planet Lorian, because it has been overthrown and took over by mogdorians. These mogdorians followed the loris aliens to earth to diminish them. The loric people were numbers who had specific powers or legacies and they have been trying to hide and escape. The main character is always on the run moving from town to town trying to stay hidden and under the radar. But one day they moved to paradise, Ohio and John smith starts to become attached to this place by meeting a pretty girl that he really likes and for the first time he finds an actual friend. Balancing staying under the radar from the mogdorians and desperately wanting to spend time with the people he cares about is a struggle for him. This is where conflict occurs and John has to figure out what to do.
I was satisfied with how the author kept the reader engaged the entire time. He also included lots of creativity and mystery in the story line and decided to reveal more and more about the characters as the story went on. On page #197 the text says, “I know it is last minute, but my parents want to have you and your dad over for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.” His girlfriend made that statement which proves just how attached he has become and just how hard it would be if he had to leave. The authors style of writing was mostly simple to comprehend which made it very easy to follow along. On page #377 a passage says, “Bernie Kosar has brought a mogdorians down, his teeth clenched into its throat, he’ll ablaze in the dog’s eyes”. The creativity is strong which is something that I look for in all books. I would rate this book a 10/10 because it is probably my favorite book I’ve ever read.
Cole Sylvia


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