13 thoughts on “Exploring Relationships in “Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life”

  1. I liked the way you gave a clear summary of the book and really explained how the book emphasized the relationship between Jeremy and his dad. One thing I would make better though, is to explain your answer to the essential question. You only gave a small answer, and next time, I would do a longer answer and explain it more, but overall, good job!

    -Maya Gustavson

  2. Lucy,
    I enjoyed viewing your video. I thought that it was very cool to create this on Showme. I like the way you were able to add your thoughts to the summary. Even though your video was very good, I think that you should add more in the spaces where you are not talking.

  3. Dear Lucy,
    I really liked your presentation! I especially liked your summary of the book. I would maybe describe more on the character web.

  4. Dear Lucy,
    I really enjoyed watching your video. I liked how you described in detail the relationships between Jeremy and his dad and Jeremy and Lizzy. One thing to work on is to describe your essential question a little bit more.
    Jack K

  5. Dear lucy,

    Your video has magisterial explanations and I really enjoyed listening to you explain it. I also liked the pictures you included in your show me video. I like the part when you describe the friend ship between Jeremy and Lizzy.
    Also the part where you described how the relationship between Jermemy and his father changed, good job! ūüôā


  6. Your summary was very clear and gave a nice view of the story, your text evidence was very good, and I liked the way that you used show me. It is a good form of media, and I feel like it was a good choice for you to balance out the work.


  7. Lucy,
    I really like how you were speaking very clearly and not stuttering while speaking during your summery.

  8. I thought you really explained your book well. You kept me interested. The summary was very good. The answer to the essential question was very good. I think when your writhing things you should be talking it would have made it better. All and all I really liked your video.


  9. Lucy,

    Good video. I liked the relationships you chose to talk about and the summary was long and detailed. One thing to focus on more is answering the essential question with more detail.

  10. Lucy, I really liked this video. I thought it was very planned out and that you were really prepared for this. You answered the question with detail and lots of thought.

  11. Dear Lucy,

    I really enjoyed listening to you talk about your book. Your summary was very detailed and you provided a lot of evidence. Your analysis of your book was also really good. Something you can improve on is not stuttering when you are speaking and don’t take a long break in-between.


  12. I really liked your presentation. I really liked how you talked about how the death of Jeremy’s fater affected him as well. You described his feeling of emptiness very well. My only suggestion is that manybe you could write the slides before presenting. That way, we did not have to watch you write them. But overall, very well done.


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