7 thoughts on “Exploring Relationships in “Okay For Now”

  1. Dear Brendan,

    I really enjoyed watching your video. You explained the book very well, so well that it makes me want to read it. If we end up having to make another video you should try to have long pauses of silence a lot more. Other than that it was great!


  2. I like how you described the relationship between Lil and Doug. How’d Lil get sick? I liked how you explained that the book didn’t explain what the disease was because I thought that could/ would have been an essential question.

  3. Dear Brendan,

    I really like your video and how you explained the book very well. I also like that you showed many characters on your web.


  4. Brendan,
    I really liked your video on Okay For Now. I liked how you showed all the essential questions not just the one you answered. I also liked your web, and how there were two negative relationships. Your video was very good but there weren’t a lot of relationships.

  5. I liked how you explained the book really well. Also the summary made me want to watch on. The essential question was answered really well. The only thing I have is to talk slower.


  6. Dear Brendan,

    I really liked your summary because it was very detailed, but you didn’t give enough information to spoil the entire book. I really liked your web and you described it very well. It was really clear you knew your book well! Good job.


  7. Dear Breebrbrenden,
    I liked how you gave us a lot of description of your book. I really liked how you told us a lot without giving away the ending
    From Tommy

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