5 thoughts on “Exploring Relationships in “Phantom Limbs”

  1. I liked the way you really went deep into the book to pull out why this relationship was so important and how the characters bonded and then floated apart. The way you analyzed was clear and concise, and made me interested in the book. There was nothing that I would change about your mini-project. Good Job!

    -Maya Gustavson

  2. I totally agree with Maya and I think its soooooooo great. I like all the things about otis and his training. NICE JOB!!!!!!! It was all so clear and i just think its a wonderful peice.

  3. Micah,
    I really liked watching your video. I thought that you did a really great job summarizing and answering the essential questions. You put in a lot of detail and effort. Good job.

  4. Dear Micah,
    Your Intro and summary was very very good. The video was very well explained and i really enjoyed how you talk about the characters, and also how you explained your relationship web and essential question. Great Work! ūüôā


  5. Dear Micah,
    Your video was really good! I really enjoyed watching it and this book seems really good. I especially liked your analysis and answer to the questions. You elaborated a lot and it helped the reader understand more about the book. There is nothing that I would change about your project. Good Job!


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