14 thoughts on “Exploring Relationships in Realistic Fiction: Among the Imposters

  1. I really enjoyed your video. It was very interesting. I liked the beginning and end! This liked your web where you would talk about all the characters and your summary. Good job overall!!


  2. John,
    I really enjoyed listening to your video. Your beginning and ending were very well done and your summary was great too.

  3. I really liked that you made two relationship webs to compare how the relationships have changed throughout the story. I would say you might be able to get more in depth with the relationship and summary, but I have read the book so I could be wrong there. Great job Joh… Vickstar123.

  4. John,

    I really liked the beginning of the video with that amazing intro. I also liked how you explained parts in the book about the relation ship web. I haven’t read this book but it sounds pretty cool so I will probably read it later on in the year.
    Good job Vickstar123

  5. John I really liked this video. I really like your into of vic and your overall enthusiasm was very positive. Some things that you could work on is not filming vertical, it would of looked much better.


  6. Dear Vikkstar123,
    I enjoyed your fantastic film. I liked how you gave a thorough summary of the novel. It showed how much effort you exerted. I also liked the amount elaboration you added in the description of your character web. Very well done. Great work!
    Max B

  7. Hey Vik,
    Fantastic film! I really enjoyed you intro and how you explained your summary. I found it very interesting how Luke got a fake ID in the beginning of the story. I also like how you described the character relationships. Overall, great work pal.
    John Loo

  8. I really liked your summary and the way you explained all of the characters. It was really entertaining to watch!! Good job overall

  9. Dear John,
    I liked how you told us a good main idea of the story and included detail. And you did a good job of telling us a lot about the book without giving away the ending. I dont think you need any advise for this work because it was really well done. Like and subscribe.
    From Tommy

  10. Dear John, I like how you decided to use a web. I use webs all the time in my writing. Thank you for sharing your writing.

  11. You did a really good job on the video, and the explanation of how relationships are created and destroyed had good reasoning and logic. The only thing you could improve on is that you seemed to pause a lot and it sounded a lot like a practice run. You also stumbled on your words a bit. However, the whole video was not full of these. At the beginning and end, you had a much better speech pattern, and it sounded more confident and practiced.

  12. John,

    I enjoyed how you actually described the book before and after when you described the shadow kid. I could almost picture someone lurking about…
    It was really fun on how you did the web with negative and positive! Even though I enjoyed the ending, it was almost like a you tube channel you could have just left that out. No problem. Thank you for sharing this!

    Elisabeth Berg

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