13 thoughts on “Exploring Relationships in “Saint Anything”

  1. I really enjoyed viewing your video. It seems like you put a lot of effort into it and you really knew a lot about your book! After watching this video, I learned a lot more about the book and it seems very interesting to me! Overall good job.


  2. Dear Amelia,
    I really enjoyed your presentation. You got really in-depth with your explanation, and you made me want to read the book. You got me interested and I could understand what was happening in the book from this presentation.
    From: Bran

  3. I really enjoyed watching this video because you had a very detailed summary about the book and i also liked that you made your video with animoto it looked more professional I have also heard alot of good things about sarah dessen and your video showed me how interesting her books are i might read some of them.

    From Erik

  4. I really liked the way you gave a quick summary, but it still gave you all of the information you needed. I even felt like I had read the book, because I could picture scenes in the book just from reading your summary. I also liked the way you analyzed the relationships and how you answered the essential question in depth. Overall, good job!

  5. Hello,
    I really enjoy the way how you really go in depth with the character, and explain the plot through a nice slideshow. I also enjoyed how you used an Animoto as a form of media, because most people did a show me. Overall great job and a nice little jingle in the background to keep people really entertained and happy enough to hang around.


  6. I really liked your book you gave a nice quick summary but it had a lot of detail. Also you answered the essential really well you explained why there relationship was breaking. Also how Sydney and Peyton didn’t like each other any more. I really enjoyed it keep up the good work.

  7. AMAZING job, Amelia!! It was really good and you must have put so much effort into it so, you should be proud of your self… I like how you added pictures on most of the slides. It really helped explain what was really happening:)
    GREAT JOB!!!!

  8. Dear Amelia,

    I really enjoyed watching your video. I liked how you included pictures because it made the video interesting. Also, I like the music you included. Great Job!

    Amelia Wasco

  9. Dear Amelia,
    I really enjoyed watching your video. This seems like a really good book and something that I definitely want to read. I really liked the pictures you included in the video, and your summary was really good. Overall, there is nothing that I would change. Good Job!


  10. I really liked watching your video. I did not read this book but after watching your video I really want to read it. I really liked that you provided pictures other then the cover of the book. This made your video more interesting to watch because you can understand the book better. You did a great job!

    – Olivia Parcells

  11. Amelia,

    Overall, I thought you did an amazing job!!

    I liked how the summary you wrote helped the person watching the video know enough to understand what was going on in the book, but not to much to where you gave things away. I could tell you put a lot of effort into your video, and visually, it looks great.

    -Emily W

  12. you made a really good video on your book. It seems like a really good novel. You gave a good summary of the book and a good job relating characters.

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