7 thoughts on “Exploring Relationships in “The Fault In Our Stars”

  1. Dear Mia,
    I really enjoyed watching your video. I really enjoyed how descriptive you were in your summary. Great job!

    Amelia Wasco

  2. Dear Mia,
    Your video was really good. I liked everything about it, but I especially liked your summary. It was really good and I have already read this book and I thought that you explained all of the important parts of the book. Overall, I thought it was really good and there is nothing that I would change about it!


  3. This is so GOOD! I really liked all the details and explanation you included throughout the whole presentation! I know how hard it can be not messing up when recording something, but you did it perfectly! I especially liked how you described the relationships between characters, but also gave a little background information on them in the beginning! I have never read the book, but I have seen the movie, and I learned much more from this that I never knew before! Excellent job! Keep up the goo work!

  4. Dear Mia,
    I really enjoyed your video, and thought it was really good. I especially liked your summary and how detailed everything was. I also have read this book and I think you covered all the main parts. Great job!

  5. Dear Mia,

    I really enjoyed watching your video. You included a lot of detail in your video. I liked how you explained every character in your map.


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