24 thoughts on “Exploring Relationships In “The Ghost’s Grave”

  1. Dear Ben,
    I really liked your video. You didn’t spoil the ending and you had me wanting to read this book. One thing you can work on is describe the setting.
    Jack K

  2. Dear Ben,

    I really liked your video. I liked how you didn’t spoil the ending and left me on the edge of my seat. But next time make sure to include Josh’s relationship with everyone including the crazy aunt.

    From, Troy

  3. Ben, I enjoyed your presentation a lot. You didn’t have mistakes, like pausing or saying um, and yet you maintained somewhat enthusiastic. Good job, and this book actually seems really interesting.

  4. Dear Coach,

    Your video is very well explained and detailed, I enjoyed listening to your video.
    My favorite part of your video was when you were talking about the ghost and digging up the ghosts legs while grave digging and also when you described how josh found his aunt unconscious with a broken ankle.

    From, Lambo

  5. Dear Ben, explorerz101, ex8, exx wanna be,

    I enjoyed the summery of the book and how you did not stutter while doing so like me. It always seems that when you do a project it is actually always interesting so I respect that.

    From Sean, seanobderps, mlgxxx, _keemstar, hatmakerr, yea

  6. Dear Ben C,

    I really like the way you described about who Willy the ghost was. Do you know what happened to the aunt? Why/ how did she faint? I like how you described the book but I don’t really understand the plot of the book.

  7. Dear Ben,

    You did a really good job with the summary of the book and seems to be a pretty good book. I liked all of the visuals that you had while telling the viewer what was happening and the pictures matched what you were saying. Overall is was really good.

    From, Ethan

  8. Dear Ben
    I really like your video and how tense you made it and how you made it very interesting. I also like how you didnt spoil the ending. You conviced me that i wanted to read your book

  9. Dear Ben,

    I really enjoyed watching your video, although I wish you had spoiled a bit more of the book. THis sounds like a very good book and I kinda want to read it. Next time record with a better mic please.


  10. Dear Ben,
    I really enjoyed watching the video the visuals were great and you described the characters well without giving anything away. I think that you could have talked about Willie a little bit more he seemed interesting.


  11. Dear Ben,

    I really liked watching your video. You did a good job explaining the plot and including important details.


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