12 thoughts on “Exploring Relationships in “The Spectacular Now”

  1. I really enjoyed viewing your video. I liked the app you used and it was very creative. This book seemed very interesting to me because it had a lot of stuff going on and that makes me want to read on! I am very interested in this book and want to read it! Overall, good job with this project.


  2. Dear Sydney,
    I really liked your presentation! What I liked about it was how there were so many visuals and examples explaining everything that had go on in the book.
    -Lydia Hummel

  3. Dear Sydney,
    I really liked you video. What I liked about it was that you had lots of visuals and it made your video more enjoyable to watch. I also liked how you summarized the book. Over all I think you did a really good job and I can tell that you put a lot of time and effort into it.

  4. I really liked this video. I mostly liked how in depth you went with the character relationships I also liked how it was made using powtoon because there were so many visuals and it was really creative

    From Erik

  5. Dear Sydney,

    I really enjoyed your presentation! There were so many useful images and quotes that really helped explain the depth of the relationship Sutter has with his father. You used great details and its clear you knew a lot about and we’re interested in your novel. I also really like the website you used to make it on because it made the presentation very organized and clean. Overall a really good job!

  6. Dear Sydney,
    I really liked how aesthetic your video was. It looked well produced, and your relationship chart looked especially nice.


  7. Dear Sydney,
    Your video was really good and I really enjoyed watching it. I really liked the website you made it on, because it made the video really interesting. Your summary and the quotes you included were really good and descriptive. Overall, there is nothing that I would change about it. Good Job!


  8. Dear Sydney,

    Good job on your video! Your video was very creative, and I have never heard of PowToon. I liked your summary, and it gave the viewer a good perspective on the important aspects of the book without giving away too much information. I don’t have any advice on changing it, I liked your description, quotes, etc. Good job!


  9. Sydney,
    I really enjoyed watching this video. I really liked hoe creative you were when it came to making this. I liked all the detail you included in your video. I really like your summary and all of the text evidence you used.

  10. Dear Sydney,
    I really enjoyed your video! It was very visual and creative, especially your relationship chart. You described the book very well and it sounds very interesting. One thing that really made your video great was all of your text evidence and quotes.

  11. Dear Sydney,

    Wow! This video is so good. I really liked your background music in the video. I have never read this book and it sounds very interesting to me. I really liked the layout of your video and it is very different from all of the other ones. Overall you did a very good job!

    -Olivia Parcells

  12. This was a really good video. It is apparent that you really put a lot of work into it and you did a very good job. I really liked the part where you talked about responsibilities and how when people do not fulfill them, a relationship goes bad. But maybe you could show some more examples from the text to prove this.


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