FFFW #5 : Jack G.

Dear Donald Trump,

There ain’t no other way that I can say this. The whole world knows that you’re a liar and a racist. From all your views on things, where you lie on immigration. You want to build a wall and just divide us as a nation. Rights in the States, saw these trials tribulations. You’re a front runner, honestly surprised you even made it. That’s no compliment! That just proves our country got no common sense. Voting for this man who will take this nation and demolish it. A man who never knew a thing about the politics. Donald J Trump the man who really needs to color-quits. All the things that come out of your mouth, it’s all crazy. Like Mexicans are rapists and murdering people daily. All the Mexicans that came up to the States were just families looking for a better life, and better safety. But of course you don’t know about the struggle of trying to get a dollar. You had the richest father, “small loan of a million dollars.” I need to get this point branded through you. You never worked in your life, it’s just like everything was handed to you. Some pretty bad groups are loving and praying for you. See if the KKK supports you, then what’s that say about you? You got it twisted Donald, and there’s a lot of things you’re missing Donald. See this is real life, this ain’t a science fiction novel. If your elected we’ll be gone in a week, bombs in the streets, right when we’re trying to make peace. It’s disappointing, cause I wouldn’t be surprised if you brought war. And by the way America I expected a lot more! Voting for a man who’s really rich and acting hardcore when he’s the one who’s trashing everything up that we fought for. But wait, yeah I got more. You want an encore? Trump’s a known abuser too, that one he was taught for. You claim you started from the bottom having a fight, but you never paid a single tax in your whole life. You always lived a lavishing life, so don’t say you struggle. You don’t understand what it’s like. What’s wrong? You getting sick of everyone pointing out your issues? Look, I don’t know how to put this so I’ll say it bluntly. You want to evacuate all muslims out of the country because they’re terrorists? C’mon Trump, that that ain’t racist or stereotypical, then what is? Just get your campaign and vest into a halt, cause now you’re advocating sexual assault? That’s just evil. C’mon people, you need to stop, you need to wake up and realize that Trump is going to make America hated again.

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