5 thoughts on “Relationships in Realistic Fiction: Lockdown

  1. Dear Mr. Loo,
    I deeply enjoyed your film about Lockdown. I too have read this novel and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I agreed with all the points you made. I liked the slideshow affect you added to the pictures. Masterclass work. I also liked your analysis of the character relationship. All in all, great work, and great hands pal.
    Max B

  2. Hullo John,

    I like how steadily you read. I like the summary too, it is quite detailed. Also I liked that your video was short unlike mine (10 mins).

    – That guy Danylo

  3. Hey Jahn,
    Your video was great, off the chart amazing. I like the way you explained the characters, their lifestyle, and other stuff along those lines. Also, your Relationship web was magisterial and very well explained, i enjoyed how deep you dug into your relationships web, great job. Furthermore, your essential question was brilliant. Every way you explained topics in this book makes the book sound more and more interspersing! Great Work!

    Lambo ūüôā

  4. Dear Juanito,

    I really enjoyed your magnificent and majestic video on the book Lockdown. Recently, I also finished this book and can tell that you really payed attention to small details this book because you added some things that even I didn’t notice. Also I think that you did a very good job with your character web because you thought very deeply into the relationships between the characters. SO overall, i think that you should continue working as hard as you are with this project so you can achieve anything.

    Yours truely,
    Max BAer

    Wait I mean Ben MAssey

    I think

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