33 thoughts on “Exploring Relationships in Realistic Fiction: The Raft

  1. Dear Josh,
    Your explanation of your question was really good, to improve, I think you could have had a neater relationship web.


  2. Dear Josh,

    Your video was really good. I think the only thing you could improve on is making your relationships web a little bit neater and more organized so that the viewer can understand it better. I really liked the way you varied your tone of voice while speaking. This made the video more interesting. Overall, this was a really good video.



  3. Dear Josh,
    I really liked the beginning where you introduced the story and gave a main idea about the story without giving too much away. I also liked how you gave good description of all the characters and spoke clear and i could understand you well. Your video was more magical than Maldini’s defending.
    Love, Tommy

  4. Josh,

    I liked how you went over and summarized the book a lot. You make it very clear to understand what happened and the relationships. You showed a lot of good thinking, but I especially liked the part when you said, “Experiencing things with other people make bonds,” which I think is very true. I think you might want to add a little more text examples. But overall, I could really get an understanding of the book!

  5. I really liked your presentation but I think you needed to make everything a bit neater especially the connections web. I really liked your voice throughout the presentation you were very confident and had everything well thought out.

  6. I like how you gave a descriptive summary in the beginning of the video. It gave me a clue of what went on in the book, without spoiling the end. I think your response is written very well and I like the visuals you used. Thanks for sharing your work.

  7. Dear Josh,

    Thanks for sharing your video. I really like how you know so much about the book. You seem like you enjoyed the book. Nice job bud

    -Reed C.

  8. Dear Josh,
    In my opinion, your video was very nicely put together because you were very structured and thoroughly explained all the required points that you needed to cover. It was in depth, but also not too long. Thank you for putting this out there because it was a nice example for people who want to create their own videos because you included lots of backup reasoning. One thing you could improve on was the examples from the text that you included. I feel that some of them could be improved upon and a different example might have proved your point better. This way, your argument would be proven more efficiently.

    – Jalen Johnson

  9. Dear Josh, your exploring relationships in realistic fiction was very well put together the only thing I think that you should have done better was the relation ship web.

  10. Dear Josh,

    I strongly agree with Brennan at the top the way you explained it made me want to read the book but your information was everywhere good job altogether especially when you did page 172

  11. Dear Josh,

    I thought your narration of The Raft was good, considering I’ve never read the book. Although somethings were a little confusing, I understood the main idea of the story. It helped understand the novel more when you discussed what bonds and what dissolves relationships. That was like an “aha moment” because I got to know the characters more.

    Nice job,


  12. Josh, I think you did pretty well since you hit all the requirments needed, the only thing needing to be changed is the neatness of the webs that you made.

  13. I really liked your video. It was incredibly well structured and I could tell that you really knew what you were talking about. you gave a really nice overview of the book and put together a very nice presentation. I thought your reasons could be a little bit more convincing. Maybe you should try a more certain way of speaking, like with more confidence, or you could find more enticing information. This will want readers to want to find out more about this book.

  14. Dear Josh,

    I thought your video was well structured and held much detail. I like how you gave much detail concerning the beginning of the book and the foundation in-which the character came from!


  15. Hi Josh,

    Thanks for sharing your work with me. You had a lot of good information. In my opinion, you had very good evidence to support the claims that you mentioned throughout the video. This helped the viewer understand your thoughts and what you thought about a certain situation.

    – Paul Flaherty

  16. Dear Josh,

    I really like your video, you show that you have read the book thoroughly, and have taken very extensive notes for this video. Your slides also help demonstrate what you are explaining better. Keep up the good work!

    -Matt T.

  17. Josh,

    I thought that you really did a great job summarizing the whole story. I thought your whole video was very well put together and organized. I could tell that your put a lot of thought into this video, but I think that if you just tweaked a couple of things in your video and the way you presented it, I believe that your video would be amazing. I think that it would help the viewer if you typed/wrote some key points that you are going to talk about visually on your presentation since I think it might be easier for the audience to grasp all the information that you giving to them. Otherwise, your video was great and well thought-out. Thank you for sharing it!


  18. I really liked how you gave a brief, yet descriptive summary without giving too much away. For me, someone who has never read the book it was very important for me to have some way to understand everything that was happening. Thanks for sharing this piece.

  19. Dear Josh,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful video. This was such a great explanation and analysis! I loved how descriptive you where with every detail of the book. I was able to visualize every moment explained in the video. My favorite part was when you go over the character analysis and describe each relation with Robie. Great diagram to go along with it as well!


    Peter Martinich

  20. Dear Josh,

    I loved your presentation, one of the most interesting things about it was when you included the titbit of how Midway was involved in World War 2. The great part of this analysis is how conceded it is. You gave me a good understanding of the book while hyping me up to read it. Using words like survival and resiliance really make the reader want to know more. I also like how you took text examples from the book to support your answering of your essential questions.


    Jackson C

  21. Good job josh on the brief summary at the beginning! The only thing I can think of that could make it better is if you would work a bit more on the relationship chart! Great work and keep it up!

  22. I liked how you showed different examples in the book. You did a great job including strong details from the book. Overall you did a great job!


  23. Dear Josh,

    Great video! I like how you really went in-depth of what the book was about, and the important details portraying the plot. Something that I think was constructive, was by showing us a page of the essential questions. It helped in the fact that I have a better idea of the points you were trying to make and why. In addition you did great on using sentence starters such as “this shows” and “in conclusion”. Altogether, you did an amazing job analyzing your thoughts from this book.
    Thanks for sharing!

    -Ashley Salvatore

  24. Dear Josh

    I really liked your summary it does not give to much information and not to little. I liked how you added the pages and phrases from the book to give us that feeling. It would also be nicer if you could of made your web a little bit neater. But the rest was good. Keep on working hard.

  25. Dear Josh,

    You did a good job explaining your answer to the question. You had a lot of information to help your point, and you used text evidence. I liked how you used a relationship web to help explain your point, although it could have had a bit more detail. Overall, you did a great job!

    – Elizabeth Adriani

  26. Dear Josh, You had a really good summary, I think that you could have had more fluency. I also think that more work to the relationshiop chart would have helped a bit! It was a wonderful video to watch and thank you for sharing it!

  27. Dear Josh,
    I really loved your video on The Raft! Thanks for sharing. I really liked how you explained your focus questions and the way you went to explain your thinking. I also liked how you gave the listeners background information on the novel, and then gave us your information without spoiling the book for any audience members who hadn’t read the book yet. I also liked how your tone of your voice changed for the presentation. I think maybe one thing to improve on would be the neatness of you web. I wasn’t following the video at that part because the visual was a vital part to that part of the presentation. But overall, I loved your video! I had already read the Raft but I learned new things about the relationship between characters. Great job!

    Jason Viani

  28. Josh,

    I really enjoyed your video! I liked how you gave a brief summary in the beginning of the video, without it, I would not be able to follow each relationship as well. I also noticed you really described each point clearly. Great job!!


  29. Josh,
    Thanks for sharing the video. You did a really good job with a brief summary at the beginning. You did a really good job on your presentation. You were also very descriptive.

    Amber Borofsky

  30. Very interesting, I liked that you put charts and different organizers, you showed that you really understood the topic.

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