FFFW#5: Maya

Before Christmas

Every Christmas, my family and I go to Ohio to see my Mom’s side of the family.  The night before Christmas Eve, we all pile into the car with our luggage and all of the presents wrapped up and waiting to be opened.  As night falls, we leave Connecticut and head into New York.  Once we hit Pennsylvania we will stay the night in a hotel, then head back out on the road the next day to finish our trip.  Reaching Ohio feels like a victory – only 4 hours left! Upon 9 a.m., we start getting hungry and stop at Bob Evans for a big breakfast.  Entering the restaurant brings back memories from years past.  In only a few hours, we will arrive at my Great Aunt and Uncle’s farm in Findlay, Ohio.  After spending so long in the car, those last couple hours fly by.  We finally arrive.  Upon entering the house, the smell of chocolate and fresh-baked cookies fills our noses and a familiar feeling of happiness and relaxation sets in.  Everyone welcomes us and we all retreat to the big family room, except for my Mom, who usually stays in the kitchen to help cook the Christmas Eve dinner.  In the family room, my brother, sister and I play with our second cousins Ruby and Sylvia.  As night begins to fall, we all sit down for our big Christmas Eve dinner.  Following that, we all gather in the family room to watch a Christmas movie – usually “Elf.”  As Christmas morning gets closer and closer, the movie is finished and we head upstairs.  Snuggled under blankets, we lay there on the edge of sleep, anxiously anticipating the morning, when we will wake up to the sight of piles of presents sitting around the fireplace.  Soon sleep calms our thoughts.  Trudging out of bed the next morning, we soon remember what day it is and dash down the stairs.  We turn the corner and slowly walk the few steps down into the family room.  The lights are dim, but the lights on the Christmas tree are bright.  My Great Uncle sits in his chair reading the newspaper.  The wrapping paper shines, glinting off the Christmas lights.  Presents, big and small, sit by the fireplace.  


It’s here.

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