10 thoughts on “Relationships in “The Compound”

  1. Dear Troy,
    I really liked your relationship video because there was so much information to be said and I liked how you knew all the parts so well that you went into depth with a lot of scenes.

  2. Hullo Troy,

    I liked that you talked in a steady space and didn’t stumble while talking. I like that you made the summary short and simple unlike mine.

    – d@t b0i Danylo

  3. Troy,

    Nice video. I liked how you used a lot of detail and made a good summary. I think you should shorten the script or memorize it a bit more because there were a lot of moments where you didn’t know what to say.

  4. Hello TROY,
    I really enjoyed watching your fantastic work of art. I love the way how you gave us a very fantastic and well drawn out character web. I read The Compound, so I was able to reflect and connect with you on a lot of what you said. Overall great presentation, and I hope to see some more work like this from you.


  5. Dear Mr. Andreoli,
    I deeply enjoyed your masterpiece that is your showme video. I too have read The Compound, so I could relate to many points you made. I liked the character web you made as well; very thorough. I like how you elaborated on the relationships. All in all, well done!
    Max B

  6. Dear Troy,
    Fantastic film! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your great summary, as I have already read this novel. My favorite part of the book was when Eli found Eddy on his computer and you explained that part brilliantly. Furthermore, I really enjoyed that you were making the character web, live, so I would not be knackered while viewing. Overall, great work pal.
    John Loo

  7. Dear Troy
    I really liked how you spoke slowly and clearly. You didn’t mumble, and I could hear every word you were saying. I wish that you spent less time on the summary.

  8. I Really like how crisply and how clearly you spoke you went into a lot of detail as well. I don’t think that you should have given that much of the story away because I wanted to read it.

  9. Dear trandreoli,

    I really enjoyed this wonderful video. I read this book recently and I can see you really hit all the key points (with a bowstaff). I also enjoyed how you really went in depth with the relationship web. However I must correct MaxieB123 because he said your showme video was great but you did not in fact use showme, you used QuickTime Player. So, i will SLAM THAT SUBSRIBE BUTTON

    Mr. Marinara Sauce himself, Sr. Masi

  10. Dear T. Androyole,
    I really liked how you talked about how the family acted and and the relationships between the different characters. I feel like you told us enough without giving too much away.
    From Tommy

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