FF Free Write #5-Mia

My favorite room in my house is my living room. I like it because of it’s cozy couches and it’s fireplace, so it keeps you warm. It’s such a great place to cozy up with a nice cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. It’s the best place to read a good book or just watch netflix, because it’s so convenient. My living room is always decorated nicely especially for the holiday season with lights hanging across the fireplace and a picture that says “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” It really gets you into the holiday spirit, so it gets me pretty excited. My living room is probably where my family and I spend the most time. We watch tv in there every night, because it is where we watch our tv. My dog, Honey even has a bed in there and sleeps there while we watch tv and relax. My living room is where everybody sits and talks when we have events at my house, because it is right by the kitchen/dining area. The living room is my “spot” when it’s the weekend. I sit there to to watch netflix, because there is nothing more to do then relax. There is a comforting view through the windows of the outdoors. It’s the most comforting when it’s snowing, because I just sit there and watch the snow fall. I hate to say it but I spend more time in my living room than my actual bedroom. My living room is often warmer than my bedroom, because instead of just having the heat on, it also has a fireplace on as well. My family and I have shared so many memories in my living room. One memory is our funny, great laughs, because my family is a funny bunch, we definitely share so many good laughs. My living room will probably always be my favorite room in my house no matter where I live.

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