FFFW #5: Callie

Once again I don’t know what to write about.  My cat is laying next to me, and my back pack is on the other side. Tonight I ate Duchess for dinner while Sydney was at my house. I’m also watching Netflix, like I always do when I’m supposed to be doing homework. I kind of want to listen to music, but Netflix is more entertaining. I can hear my brother yelling at his video games downstairs in his room. I just finished another episode of the show. I’m currently watching Season 4, Episode 8. My cat just woke up but I think she is going to go back to sleep. She’s still just a kitten so she’s very rambunctious, but after she runs around the house a few times, she just sleeps for a long time. Now, my other cat just walked into my room. I have two cats, one’s a boy named Kit Kat, and girl named Snickers. They are brother and sister. We got them the day before Halloween, that’s why we named them after candy.  Kit Kat doesn’t really like me. Although, Snickers likes me the most out of my whole family. It’s like she never leaves my side. I just realized that I still have pumpkin lights hanging on my desk from Halloween. I’m really tired I think I’m almost done with this so I can do my other homework. Yeah, after this sentence I’m done. Okay I’m done now.

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