FFFW #5 Charlie

When you meet a flying monkey it gets crazy, and really weird at the same time.

In the jungle the monkeys are everywhere but one stands out. The blue one is actually flying above the trees. All the sudden he flies straight in front of me, dirt flies everywhere, he gets up unshaken. I don’t want to anger him so I find some food in my bag and give it to him. He takes it and eats it then he puts his out like he is asking for more, still I don’t want to anger him so I give him more. He walked away then turns back and it looks like he’s asks me to follow him, so I do. As I start to follow him he turns around charges me and jumps over me like he wants to play. So we play for a while then I turn to leave and he lifts me up by my bag and flies me to the entrance. When we land there he hands me back two wrappers from the food I game him earlier and then leaves. There were people watching the whole time they asked me if they were seeing what I was, so I asked them what they saw, they said they saw a flying monkey that was blue.
I said yes.

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