FFFW #5: Ellie

Pattern: Compound, simple, complex. Compound-complex, simple. Repeat.

I adore one holiday of the year, and I love it for many reasons. I love the holiday, Christmas. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, because of the beautiful decorations. My family and I have not celebrated one Christmas at the house we live in, and my dad is taking us to Canada for Christmas this year. I don’t understand why. I often decorate my room for Christmas, but I do not decorate my room for any other holidays. I love Christmas Starbucks drinks. I drank a Peppermint Mocha this morning, which was very good. I hope snow falls soon, but I hope too much doesn’t arrive, since that’d be somewhat of a big weather change. I am sitting near the fireplace now .I stay near the fireplace, until it is to hot. I love sitting with a blanket. I especially adore reading a book near the fireplace, though that is occasionally. I cannot contain my excitement for Christmas, for winter is a beautiful time of the year, even if it doesn’t snow. I love the different weather changes in winter. The weather changes are so different, for in Florida the sky is always rainy or sunny. The sky outside is all different colors. The sky appears as a rainbow, because of the colors it is filled by. Winter always has various weather changes, for that I am grateful, unless it is a blizzard of some sort. I can not wait for the bare trees to be filled with piles of snow. The trees before snow are just bare sticks, and the trees look their worst at that time. I do not like when the ground is filled with leaves. I love when the leaves begin to fall slowly, although sometimes they begin to fall too fast making a swarm of leaves in the air. I love when the cold air hits my face in the winter, for I like the way it cools me down, usually it is best for when I have headaches. The air is not wonderful when it snows though. The air becomes very unpleasant and I become very cold when it snows and the air is cool. I love Christmas for various reasons. I cannot wait for Christmas to arrive, after such a long time. I have waited long enough, and I will wait no longer, now that it is only 18 days away it shall arrive.

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