FFFW #5: Josh B.

First Day of Kindergarten

The big yellow school bus turned the corner onto my street. I saw the driver in the window smoking a cigarette. I felt a huge smile cross my face. I started to get excited, for I also saw my friends in the windows. The bus came to a screeching halt, the brakes sounded like they needed oil; badly. It smelled very bad; because the exhaust was leaking out the pipe in massive clouds.
“Bye buddy! Have a good first day of school!” my dad called to me from the driveway.
I boarded the bus and sat in my seat. As the bus started to move, I started to feel car sick. As a little kid, I always used to get sick on every car rides I took. As the feeling started to get worse, I realized that this situation may become dire and I realized that I might throw up. I did not want to throw up in front of my friends! I had to think fast, but what could I do, and where could I go? Then, I must have made a face, because one of my friends asked
“Are you OK?”
Luckily, after a long bus ride of almost vomiting, we made it to school. I almost threw up on the bus. Kindergarten was bad already.

I approached my classroom. I had been assigned Mrs. Giglio as my teacher. I got in and to my luck, most of my friends were in my class. We had name cards on our seats and I was at a table. Sadly, I had no idea who any of them were. Our teacher had us draw pictures of our families first thing in class. I was never good at drawing so I failed this task horribly. It looked so bad, that the teacher decided to punish me because it did not look like I put any effort forth. Not a good first impression. After this, the teacher explained the flower system. There were four flowers, one of which was the hive. She explained that the hive meant you had been good. The purple flower meant that you had been bad, but if you were good, you could go back to the hive. The yellow flower meant that you were bad and got an X on your folder for the day; and a red flower meant that you were a little twerp who had no respect for authority and you were done for. I was used and example and was immediately on the yellow flower for “lack of effort.” Not how I wanted to start my real school career. Enraged, I told my friends that the teacher was bad. Somehow, like she had ultra hearing, he found out and I was on the red flower. She hated me, that’s for sure. I thought to myself, ‘man, school is really bad.’

It was recess. By that time, all I wanted to do was to go home. I hated school, I hated my teacher, It couldn’t get any worse right? I bought my lunch and went to my seat. The it occured to me. I did not have a seat. Me and all of my friends from tee-ball decided to sit together. When I got to my seat, it occurred to me that the lunch they served was sitting in some sort of weird gooey mix of oil and grease. Now, on top of it all, I was too grossed out to eat. Just fantastic. At least recess was next.

As we all got out to recess, we all threw our stuff down outside and ran to the playground. This would turn out to be the one good time of the day. I played on the monkey bars and played tag. I just hid under the slide with a few others. It worked though and it was fun. Then, the whistle blew. The moment where I would have to return to class had come. As I returned to class, the teacher started to teach us the alphabet. We learned the first few letters but almost none of the learning stuck. We were told to make flashcards. When I didn’t finish, once more my teacher got mad at me. So it was the end of the day; and I had never been more happy to leave a certain place. I just wanted to go home and watch my stupid kid cartoons. I then had to wait, though, for my bus to arrive. I just wanted to leave; was that too much to ask? I was so done with school. I never wanted to go back. I just wanted to stay home and be a kid who did not yet go to school forever. The buses came at an astoundingly slow pace. I had not yet seen longer moments than those of sitting in the hall waiting, and I just wanted to leave because kindergarten was HORRIBLE. Finally, my bus arrived. I jumped on with bliss and was finally going home. Sadly, what I did not know was that this kind of day would become routine in kindergarten. I hated school; and more specifically, kindergarten.

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