FFFW #5: Lewis McGugan’s Majestirial Strike

Lewis McGugan is a professional footballer for Nottingham Forest in the 2nd division of English football. He is #10, and he plays midfield.

It was a magisterial Saturday morning in October 2010. Lewis arose from his slumber around 7:16am. He emerged from his bed and put on his trousers and headed downstairs for his breakfast. His teammate, Urby Emanuelson, was in the elevator when Mr. McGugan entered. Urby was wearing his navy blue adidas tracksuit. “Top of the mornin’ to ye’,” Urby said. “Mornin’, cheers mate,” Lewis replied. As they entered the dining hall, Steven Fletcher was already there waiting for them. “Mornin’ boys,” Steven said. After the lads in blue finished their breakfast, Nottingham Forest departed for the stadium. The locker room was buzzing pre match. “Let’s get the win today boys,” the Gaffer said as he entered the royal blue and white painted locker room. The team then went out for warm ups.

TWEET! The whistle sounded as Nottingham Forest kicked off against Ipswich Town. By halftime, the score was in a deadlock at nil-nil. 50’ in, Steven put Nottingham Forest up 1-0. Lewis was feeling jealous of his teammate scoring, so he decided to do something about it. In the 60’, Emanuelson is driving down the pitch when he is fouled by an Ipswich player. Lewis Mcgugan knew this was his time to shine. He stepped up to the deadball. From 35 yards away, he ran up to the red and white ball. With a Thumping strike, he sent the ball swazzing into the top right corner, leaving Ipswich’s goalkeeper to stop and stare at Lewis’ strike. The crowd yelled and screamed, along with the commentator. Even the Gaffer was impressed with the finish. Nottingham Forest went on to win the game 2-1, thanks to Lewis McGugan’s wonder strike.



Lewis McGugan hitting his wonder strike!
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