FFFW #5 -Morgan W.

This is my fifth(?) friday freewrite. I’m very bored and I wish I didn’t have to type this because it’s a lot of work and my hands get tired from typing. I don’t know if I have to write this in my notebook so I hope I don’t because then I’d have to copy it down and my hands would be even more tired from typing and then I’d have to write and that’s just a lot of stuff to do. Ok, so I don’t really know what to write about so I looked  it up and I’ve decided to write about things to write about. If I had a notebook I could draw in it. I’m not good at drawing or anything but when I’m bored I normally draw on my papers during class or something. I could also make a list of things to do for the week or day, or Christmas gifts to get, the website also says I should write a short story. But I never really know how to end stories so they don’t end up being very short and they kinda go on forever. That’s why I’d rather write about something that happened to me or something I read about because the endings already there and I don’t have to do much. Apparently you should also write down passwords, to like your wifi or email or computer or something. I don’t write down passwords because I always lose things so writing down the password wouldn’t really help me. Also all my passwords are pretty much the same thing, but that’s not very smart because apparently if someone wanted to hack me then they’d be able to do it very easily. But that’s ok because I don’t really have anything important. The next idea was to write down songs and book titles. I actually really like this because I always hear about good books from friends, or I hear songs but I forget the title and it takes me forever to find it again. It also says you should write down secrets but personally I don’t think that would end up very well because if someone gets hold of the notebook it wouldn’t end well. Unless you write down the secret and then burn it but that’s kinda cliche.  I think I’ve written enough for this free write so I’m gonna end it here. THE END.

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