FFFW #5: Trevor

As some of you may know, many people, including myself, took a trip to the United Nations building in New York City on December 7th. We gave a presentation on the topic of a pretty pressing matter: world water. Many countries throughout the world do not have regular access to clean, drinkable water. The United Nations has seventeen sustainable development goals, all of which we wish to accomplish by the year 2030. Among these goals are number six, Clean Water and Sanitation, and number fourteen, Life Below Water. These are very important worldwide goals that, for the sake of humanity, we need to accomplish. We went to present Water Is Life, a worldwide collaboration where schools researched how we can better use and conserve water. In this project, schools from all over the world collaborated on this one main idea. You had schools from Uganda, India, Ukraine, Australia and the U.S. We were the only school to actually go to the UN, which means we basically represented the work from the whole project. The actual presentation went very well and the men and women we presented it to seemed to be very interested in the cause. After that, we got to get a tour of the United Nations building itself. We got to see the Security Council, the General Assembly, and something that looked like the Lost Ark. Along the way, we learned many valuable things, not just only at the UN, but throughout the whole project. This was definitely a good experience and I would recommend getting a tour.

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