FFFW#5: Addisen


As the curtain opens and Clara runs across the stage, holding her dimly-lit candle, the Nutcracker has officially began. All of our hard work and dedication is about to be shared with friends and family. Drosselmeyer gives Clara her Christmas present, a nutcracker, and she is astounded when he magically transforms into a prince, after battling the mighty Rat King. Then, the room magically transforms into a dainty snow scene, as the snowflakes glide across the stage. Clara meets the Sugar Plum Fairy, and then enters the breathtaking land of sweets where everyone dances for her. The flowers waltz in a cheerful number, just after the Chinese lead jumps high in the air, and the Arabian Princess, much like a snake, performs her mysterious dance. The whole trip to the land of sweets is very delightful, and Clara is much too disappointed to leave her new friends, but she is too tired to be upset, suddenly falling into a deep sleep as the land of sweets dissolves into her dreams.  The curtain then closes, as Clara hugs her nutcracker tightly to her chest.

The preparation for Nutcracker is very tiring, but the dancers involved are very dedicated to ballet. The long hours of rehearsals in pointe shoes are tiring, but everything is worth it when the curtain opens in December. My favorite part about performing in the Nutcracker has to be the costumes. You can become someone completely different, ready to take on the stage as a Spanish Princess or Dew Drop Fairy. The Nutcracker is something I look forward to all year, and the lighthearted music makes me very excited for Christmas and the upcoming holiday season. To be completely honest, I could even listen to Nutcracker music in the summer months! Even though Nutcracker is over now, I can not wait until next year for a new performance filled with delight and joy.


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