FFFW#5: John L.

It is the game to promote for the English Premier League. It is Leicester City Football Club versus Watford Football Club. From the start, the fans knew it was going to be a match full of surprises. It started out as a dreary morning sky, civilians hoping it would clear up. Troy Deeney was one of those people. He arose from his slumber filled with excitement, knowing it was going to knackering day. He pulled on his Adidas tracksuit and set out on a morning stroll. He wanted to get his heartrate up for performance later today. Later, Troy fueled up for the match with a nice poached eggs and toast. Troy departs for the stadium. He arrives in his splendid Saturn automobile.

The game starts. It is a back and forth game with lots in action. Troy is buzzing in the new yellow Watford kit. Troy gets the ball and makes a nice pass forward to show he’s a real threat. The gaffer is buzzing in excitement and making orders all around the pitch. The fans are having real pleasure seeing their beloved franchise player on the pitch. Troy smirks at the crowd thinking of scoring a banger in the 97th minute, but surely he’s mistaken himself. Matej Vydra, Watford’s striker, breaks the deadlock with a great finish. A thunderous Van Basten-esque finish. Sadly for Deeney, David Nugent made a heading equalizer goal before the halftime whistle. After the gaffer’s halftime talk, the boys are revving up to go again in the second half. Deeney is hungry for a goal. To his surprise, Vydra, after being off-mark for his last 12 appearances, but not today, has scored again. A great finish inside the box. Leicester is now in stress to score a goal. It is now the 96th minute, 2 more minutes more than the referee exclaimed for injury time. Leicester has drawn a penalty. Albrighton steps up to the plate. He smashes it to the right, and Almunia, the Arsenal reject, has made an unbelievable save, but Albrighton gathers up the rebound, and Almunia saves again! The Watfordians are going mad in the stands and Leicester is all in distraught. The ball is kicked up in panic and lands in the feet of a Watford midfielder. He runs down to the byline with blistering pace and puts in a beautiful cross and it gets deflected. Miraculously, Deeney is squared up for a volley of a lifetime. He thinks before he strikes, “I thought of this before.” And Deeney strikes it with such power, the whole world is shaking. I do not know how this is not a FIFA Puskas Goal of the Year Nominee, but this was magisterial. After the ball almost rips the net, Deeney sprints to the corner flag, jumps the barrier, and goes to cradle his three year old son in the stands. A great day in Watford.

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