Fundamental Friday Free Write #5 Emily L.

What would happen if someone had a disease, but not just any kind of disease. What if that disease mutated and turned into something magical? What if that disease turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to you?
It all started out one stormy afternoon when a young girl named Hope was playing in her living room. She sat on their scratchy, beige carpet flooring with a big, fat, brown crayon in hand, and a colorful package of 48 crayons and a pile of white paper lay next to the girl. The young girl sat humming happily to herself while drawing her masterpiece, a unicorn with a shiny, white coat and a beautiful golden mane. It had soft brown eyes that gazed back at the girl. She stopped drawing to examine her drawing. Suddenly, out of nowhere, stood a unicorn that replicated the one in the young girl’s drawing. Hope jumped up squealing in delight. She skipped over to the unicorn and started to gently pet it.
From a distance her parents stood in the archway of the room, watching the girl’s drawing come to life before their eyes. They were neither shocked nor surprised, for this was just like all the rest of the times that their daughter drew. Her drawings always started to slightly glow a faint gold color around the edges, and then a burst of red, orange, yellow, green, blue , purple, pink, brown, black and white exploded from the page. A few seconds later a fully formed shaped would emerge just as the young girl had drawn. What surprised the girl’s parents most was how this had happened to the girl. They were pretty sure that this was not the typical way a kid’s drawings were supposed to act.
Not only had Hope been given this amazing drawing ability and magical power, but she also had been born with very serious brain disease. After birth, Hope had been diagnosed with this extremely rare and deadly disease. It could cause hallucinations in the girl and cause Hope to do things that she had no control over and do things that she would unlikely ever do. Due to the fact that the disease could kill their daughter, Hope’s parents were forced to put her through treatment. Thankfully, on the night of Hope’s operation, everything went as planned and Hope survived. She and her parents went home that night as a family. The next day though, proved to very unconventional. Hope held a crayon and started to draw. Of course her parents were sitting on the couch watching their daughter draw, but in an instant they weren’t so sure their daughter had been completely cured of her disease. Suddenly as Hope finished her drawing of a cat, her page started lit up, and a beam of light burst from her page, followed by a burst of colors. Soon a small ginger cat appeared out of the page. Of course, Hope’s parents saw the beam of light, and the colors, and the cat spring up from nowhere. They quickly grabbed their daughter and their car keys. This was all but the start of Hope’s peculiar life and gift.

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