Fundamental Friday Free Write: Casey

Everyone has something that they are afraid of. For me, it’s those yellow, black looking, buzzing, flying things that have no kindness towards humans. I grew up running around my backyard like a maniac, enjoying the nature around me. But there can be some disadvantages to being out in the open with those “things” flying around you.

The one thing that scares me the most is their looks. I think the scariest looking bee is the black hornet because of their sharp looking wings with their  ant looking backs that wiggle to creep you out. . Another bee that get me screaming my pants off is the yellow jacket. Out side I have notice that is the bee that hangs mostly around my house. I gotten mostly stung by these vicious creatures in many places in my by body. But the only problem is hornets can sting repeatedly; unlike honey

bees,hornets and wasps do not die after stinging because their stingers are not barbed and are not pulled out of their bodies. This cause the the bees to be able to sting repetitively toward the human. It’s like needles  stinging you over and over. This is why I can’t be at least six feet towards any those harmful creatures.

Ever since I was little, I grew increasingly with this fear, and I have life horrible experiences of these creatures. About two years ago, I was out in my summer camp playing a game of war in the woods where I ran to a grassy mossy area. There was a point in time when two hornets came flying behind my neck and sting me repeatedly in the same area. I started to sprint away from the spot of where I was  and yelling  ´´ I have been stung´.´ Another time was, When I was little i was feeding a bird feeder and a wasp came creeping up behind me and stung my ankle, since then I have had the circle looking scar. I learned through  the past years that these creatures are only doing there job and not trying to harm us on purpose. Till today every time I  am outside I stand very carefully in the grassy areas to not step on one of those creatures.

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