Mason’s FFFW #5

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. It is just so much fun to hang out with my family and give presents to everyone. It is so much fun to watch my little cousin’s face light up when he see’s the new lego set he got. I’m not going to lie I like to open up presents as well. I think my favorite part of christmas is christmas morning breakfast. Another I like about christmas time is when it is snowing outside on christmas. To me that is the perfect christmas, with a fire started in the fire place of coarse. I feel that when it is christmas time everyone is just nicer to each other in general. Christmas also makes me crave cookies and hot chocolate, maybe a bit too much. Christmas is also a time when my family does the most traveling. Just two years ago we went to Germany and celebrated christmas with my family down there. Germany is an amazing place to spend christmas, the chocolate around that time is amazing and my mouth is watering thinking about it right now. Christmas is just such a great holiday. Easter is also a very good holiday, purely because of the candy, but Ill have to explain why I love Easter in another Friday Free Write.

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  1. Dear person,

    I really liked your Free Write, I think it was very interesting that you wrote non-fiction since most people choose to do fiction free writes. I think that you did a very good job explaining everything you .


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