FFFW #5 Olivia P.

There was a girl I saw. She had black hair and blue eyes. She was different from all of us. She lived right across the street from me. She was new in the neighborhood. Every afternoon she would wait for the moon to come up. Then when the moon would come up she would sit outside. She would never go back inside until the moon would go back down. She would watch. I did not know why. She was a little older then me. I questioned why she did not go to school. She lived with her mother and father that would never seem to leave the house. I would never talk to her. Then one day I said hi to her at the end of the day. She just looked at me. She did not even blink. Then she turned around and sat on the pavement. She told me about herself. Everything. She was from another land. Another planet. Another world. She told me that she was different from everyone else. She was from the moon. That’s why she would look at the moon every night. She missed home. She missed the moon. She said that she lived on the dark side. She’d never seen the sun. I asked her why did she leave home and move to earth? She said to me that people were sending things onto the moon. People from earth would come onto her planet. Her friends and family needed to relocate. Then it got too dangerous. They needed to move away. So the earth people could not find them. So they disguised themselves to look like people. Then they moved to earth. Everyone from the moon moved all over the world. She moved with her mother and father. Her closest friends were in California. She could never see them again. I asked her what was her name? She told me that she did not have one. Everyone that she would talk to had a code name. There wasn’t a point. They used to read each other’s mind. There was no point to speak on the moon. She told me that she was 6548qwer. There is a girl I know. We were from different lands. I am different from all of them. Now we are both from one. Goodbye earth.

From, 3658zser

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