Adrianna’s #4 Letter Essay: Canterwood Crest: Take the Reins

Recently, I finished readying Canterwood Crest Take The Reins a 249 page realistic fiction book by Jessica Burkhart. Take The Reins is the first book out of an 18 book series Canterwood Crest. I chose this book because the cover caught my eye. The cover has a picture of a girl with a caramel colored horse.

In the book Take The Reins , the narrator, Sasha Silver, who also happens to be the main character, got into a really hard school called CanterWood. CanterWood has an exquisite equestrian program. Sasha wants to make a good first impression, but Charm, her horse gets loose when they arrive, so Sasha and Charm has to be on their best behavior for the rest of the week. Towards the ending of the beginning Sasha wants to impress Mr. Connor at the show they are attending but on the way there Heather’s horse bites off part of Charms main. Sasha had to cut off the rest of her horses mane. Throughout the book everybody wants to make the advanced team but there are only 5 spots open. Who will make it and who will be devastated? You have to ready the book yourself to find out.

The structure of this book is good, The author did a good job of keeping it entertaining throughout the book. I like the way the book is structured because it really allows the book to flow smoothly. Once one problem was solved another one appeared and it just kept going. The structure of a book can make it great or destroy it.

I’d say the theme of this book is to keep going when things get hard. The reason why I think this is because with how many problems Sasha faced she never gave up. She persevered through all the challenges thrown at her.

The genre of this book is realistic fiction. The word realistic means something that could happen. The word fiction means that it is made up. Realistic fiction is something that could happen but it is made up so it never happened.

The main character in the book Take The Reins is Sasha Silver. Sasha is in the 8th grade. Her old instructor taught her all that she could, so in order of Sasha to grow she started to attend a boarding school by the name CanterWood. At the beginning of the book Sasha is a shy girl coming from a small town not knowing anyone. She doesn’t take much till she meets her roommate Paige.

Finally I was interested in the passage where Sasha gets to the dorm room and she takes with Paige, when Jessica Burkhart writes;

“He did what?” Paige asked

“He smelled my lipgloss,” I crashed onto my bed with a sigh.”Paige,we’ve been talking about this for twenty minutes. There’s nothing much more to tell.” She ignored me and flopped onto my bed.”How many times have you seen him? He definitely likes you.”

Rolling my eyes, I got up off the bed and switched on my laptop. “ I don’t know. And anyway all he said when we left was see you around.”

That could mean anything. Like maybe I’ll see you around or see you at the next class.What a typical guy. Today murky response.” I waved my arm at Paige. Mom and dad have given me a credit card for emergencies- this definitely counted

Paige wrinkled her nose. “Sasha , you’ve got to pick sents he would like. Bubble gum is a girl smell. She stared at my computer screen and scrolled through the massive lipgloss collection.

Paige pointed to the screen. “What about this this one?” “ Tangerine ? Fruit is better than bubble gum ?” “ It’s very aromatic – guys have a nice for citrus scents. Paige explained. “And there’s one – cinnamon. And MInt!

We searched the screen. “What about Vanilla bean?” I asked adding it to the cart (page 88- 90)

What I love about this passage is that it highlights strong dialog. I think that dialog is a very important part of a book. After the dialog in the book she puts a lot of memory moment wich is one of the sign post that you look for when you are reading. I am glad I read this book. I would give the book a 9 out of 10 because this book is really well written. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action because their is lots of action. I am looking forward to reading it again.



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2 thoughts on “Adrianna’s #4 Letter Essay: Canterwood Crest: Take the Reins

  1. Dear Adrianna,

    Overall, I thought your letter essay was very well done! Your summary that you included was very descriptive and I liked how you chose your quoted passage based on its strong dialogue. I think it was a good idea to explain more about realistic fiction.

    –Emily 🙂

  2. Dear Adrianna,

    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay. I liked how you didn’t give away the ending in your summary, but wrote it in a way that makes me want to read the book. Great job!

    Amelia W.

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