Coco’s Letter Essay #4: Everything On It

I recently finished Everything on it, a 195-page poem book, by Shel Silverstein. He also wrote a bunch of other poem books also. His poems are crazy and funny, they’re about the most random things that you would never think of. That’s why he’s my favorite poem author.
I chose this book because I felt like reading a good, easy read, poem book. I’ve already read this book before, so I know I’ll like it. Also, I needed to read some poem books for the 8k challenge.
This poem book isn’t really about anything, but I can tell you some of my favorite poems. This one is called MY ZOOOTCH it goes “I never have nightmares, I’m happy to say. The Zoootch on my bed Always scares ‘em away.” (on page 12) I memorized that one because it’s small, and my favorite poem in the book. The next poem I also like is called ALL PACKED, and this is how it went, “Me and Joe, we’re all packed up, Me and Joe, we’ve got our tickets, Me and Joe, we’re set to go- Hey, wait a minute . . . Where’s Joe?” (on page 14) I like this one because there’s a picture of a suitcase with a foot hanging out, and I think that’s Joe. So while he was so busy packing he accidentally packed Joe in their suitcase. So, those are some of my favorite poems in the book.
I liked the way the author puts comedy in all the poems. It’s funny because I don’t know what the poem is going to be about, and I don’t know what to expect, so it’s funny. I noticed how the author sometimes makes the words rhyme in the poems. For example in the poem NEAL’S DEALS, every word at the end of the line rhymes with each other. I don’t get why the author didn’t put pictures to all the poems. I guess he didn’t do it because there wasn’t enough room on the page, and especially if the poem was long. But he should have at least put a little picture there.
I would rate Everything on it a 10 out of 10 book.

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8 thoughts on “Coco’s Letter Essay #4: Everything On It

  1. Coco,

    I really liked your essay. You did a good job of talking about one of his poems. What exactly is a zootch I wonder? One suggestion I have though is maybe to work on your grammar.


  2. Coco,
    Your letter essay was really good. I liked the poem that was in it. Something you could work on is making it longer even though you couldn’t have put in a summary.

  3. Coco,
    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay, and I liked how you even went the extra mile to literally include the exact poem from the text, titled: My Zoootch. I have also read a few Shel Silverstien books, and really like his poems as well.In the future though, just indent and space your paragraphs.


  4. Coco,
    I really like your letter essay, becasue you really explained it and told us everything about it. But maybe you could explain your passage more. All and All your essay was really good.

  5. Dear Coco,

    I really enjoyed your essay. I liked how you chose to read a poem book, because you don’t see letter essays on poem books very often. I also really liked your quoted passage, but maybe next time you can explain them a little bit more. Overall, your essay was great.


  6. Dear coco
    In your post I liked how in the introduction you mentioned the facts about the author but you also mentioned what you liked about him keep up the good work

    -Erik W

  7. Coco

    I greatly cherished your Letter Essay. One might say I had a deep and sensible fondness for the said Essay. A particular fragment of the Essay that tickled my fancy was a section where you, the Letter Essay provider, told tales young and old about the poems for which you found an everlasting yearning and devotion towards. I may have discovered an infatuation for your Letter Essay, but all great things in life have downsides. I had fluctuations in mood after I learned that you didn’t do as a magnificent job at explaining as I had hoped, yet it was nowhere near poor or ill-written. Thank you for your gracious time reading this unnecessarily long and wordy and perhaps verbose comment, good day to you.

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