Erik’s Letter Essay #4: [Book Title]

Macaroni Boy is a book that was actually a historical fiction or realistic fiction book that was based off of a real event during the great depression in 1933  when people kept getting sick but no one knew why it was happening this book was written by Katherine Ayers and is a 192 page book. The reason I chose this book was because I was recommended it by a teacher so I read it.


Macaroni boy the main character(Mike Costa) notices his Grandpa is getting sick all the time and occasionally throwing up blood but he has no idea why. He talks to his Grandpa about it and his Grandpa tells him not to tell his family or anyone else. Mike Costa creates his own experiment and tries to figure out what’s making his grandpa sick. Mikes dad owns a warehouse of food so his dad pays him a nickel for every rat he catches but he finds a live one and tests if old fish or river water kills the rat and eventually he finds out what is causing the sickness.


A quote that I liked from this book was “Not bananas. Grandpa got sick before the explosion. Something else.” pg 88 What was happening in the book was that Mike was talking to his friend Joe about what could have gotten his Grandpa sick. This was a good quote because it was a realization and the outcome of the book would be totally different if this realization was not made about what was making Mikes grandpa sick. Irated this book 8/10

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5 thoughts on “Erik’s Letter Essay #4: [Book Title]

  1. Erik,
    I liked your letter essay. You picked a good quote, it is funny. Something you could work on is grammar.

  2. Erik, I really enjoyed reading your essay. I liked the quote you used from the book, and how it could have changed the entire outcome of the book. It is unfortunate this book didn’t have such high standards and was rated an 8/10 from you. In the future, I would work on indenting paragraphs, and only doing one line of spacing between each paragraph.


  3. Dear Erik,

    I really enjoyed your essay. I liked your summary, and I like the fact that it is short and to the point. One thing I would work on is your quoted passage, you picked a good quote, but I think it is supposed to be a little longer than a sentence. That would really improved your essay as a whole. Overall, I really enjoyed reading it.


  4. Erik,
    I liked reading your letter essay. I liked how you put that quote in, I liked it. You could have done better at preparing the reader for the quote, you kind of just said here’s a quote.

  5. Erik

    I enjoyed reading your Letter Essay, it was very well written and I could understand what the plot of the book was. One thing you could work on is editing your grammar and things like that.


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