Lucy’s Letter Essay #4: Among The Hidden

Lucy Witherbee
Mr. Jockers
Period 1 ILA
Letter Essay #4

Dear Readers of the blog,

Recently I finished reading, Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Haddix is an American writer best known for the two children series, one called, Shadow Children and the other called The Missing. I wanted to read this novel because it had a lot of suspense and it was very well written.

An overpopulated place, that is very small, there is a family who has a house in the woods. There are five family members, the Mom, Dad, Luke, who is not aloud in their town that they live in, Mark and lastly Matthew. Families that live here can only take care of two kids. If you have more than two kids, than it is against the law. Since Luke is the youngest, he’s the one who has to hide from all the other family members, which is very said. But, since they live in woods there pretty safe of not getting caught! Luke is able to be free and play in the woods whenever he wants to! But one day, everything changed. All of a sudden, Luke finds out crazy news! He found out that these builders were coming to their woods and they were going to knock down all the trees in the woods and build several houses. This all leads to Luke being able to do nothing for the whole day. Out of nowhere, the builders came very soon and they tore down everything, like they were going to do and built all the houses and Luke couldn’t be seen at all, because people started to live in the houses that the builders built, and then Luke’s family would get in trouble. All of a sudden, Luke realizes that his neighbor has a lot going on in the house and he really thinks hard about it one days and says, “Our neighbors have a third child too!” He is very excited about this, but eventually he realizes “What is he going to do about it?” One day he came up with a pretty good plan! The plan is that Luke will sneak over to the neighbors house. When he gets there, he finds out that the house is locked. Now what will happen? Surprisingly, he didn’t think about that in his plan. Luke breaks in the house. When he gets inside the house, there was the third child names Jen Tablot. Jen shows Luke what her life is like. Jen definitely has much more than Luke does. Luke and Jen are getting closer and closer each day they hang out! Jen had a rally to go to and before she left, she said goodbye to him which meant a lot to Luke! This rally was for a week, so Jen wouldn’t be home for that long. Luke goes over to Jen’s house thinking she is home and he sneaks into her house and the loud fire alarm goes off. Luke turns his head and out of nowhere, Jens dad is pointing a gun at Luke.
This was a very good book to read! I like the way the author used so much suspense in the book. The author made me want to read on! Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and I would rate it a 9 out of 10!
Lucy Witherbee

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5 thoughts on “Lucy’s Letter Essay #4: Among The Hidden

  1. Dear Lucy,
    Over all I really liked your letter essay! I liked how you have good quotes from the book. And I also liked your summary.

  2. Dear Lucy,
    Great essay! I really liked the effort you put into writing this! I liked the summary you ave because you gave some action, almost like a preview of the book. One thing you could improve upon is adding more description on why you liked the book. Overall, good job!

  3. Dear Lucy,

    I think you did a great job on your letter essay! You wrote a really good summary and really persuaded me to want to read the book. One thing you could improve upon is adding more information in your introduction such as the number of pages, genre, and year published.

    ~Emily W

  4. Dear Lucy,
    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay. one thing that I ecpecially liked is your tone of voice through out the book. You make the book sound very interesting. I can tell you really loved the book.
    -Olivia C.

  5. Dear Lucy,
    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay! You did a really nice job especially on the summary. I could tell that you really like the book by the way you talked about it.


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