Mr. Jockers’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

Best Weekend of the Summer, Every Summer



The Best Weekend of the Summer, Every Summer

Aboard a 2007 Honda Pilot loaded with food and drinks and gear and bikes

Across two New England state lines

Along mountainous and monotonous stretches of Interstate 91

To a private campground owned by a friendly older man named Ed

At the top of a mountain

Underneath an enormous sky

On our bikes: Meatloaf, Midget, Greaseball and the Unnamed Ones

Up a treacherous climb, single-file

Over demanding, black-diamond singletrack

Through bogs and meadows and valleys and gorgeous Vermont countryside

Into an invigoratingly cold and pristine river

Without a care in the world

We camped.

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About rcjockers

I am a middle-school language arts teacher in Connecticut. I like eating hot peppers from my garden, writing, and watching German soccer matches in the dark.

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