Kristen’s Prepositional Phrase Poem


Within mounds of puppies, though I focus on only one

Beneath beating ceiling lights

Beyond the tile counter he is being washed

Underneath a black pug is Waffles, wrestling

Near the blow dryer, barking

Inside the blanket, shaking

Through the glass cage, I see him rolling around

Underneath my arm, I carry him to the car

Near him in the backseat

Beside him when he cries

I got my puppy

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1 thought on “Kristen’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

  1. Nicely done, Kristen. Like I’ve said: Waffles is a great name for a dog. How do you think you could’ve re-written the final line to include just two words, a subject and predicate?

    p.s. What song is this?

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