Coco’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

Getting Our Puppies

Outside the truck holding our puppies

About to hold the puppies

As I hold one of them, they’re so soft

After we’re done holding them, we begin to drive back home

On the way home the puppies are running around the car floor

As they start to get tired they sleep without a sound

By the time we got home they were well rested and ready to play again

From the car, we go into our backyard

With just a little snow on the ground

To end the playing time for a while, we gave them a bath

Our puppies.

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1 thought on “Coco’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

  1. Thanks for posting, Coco. Just a note: some of your lines are, in face, sentences, not just phrases. For example: “From the car, we go into our backyard.” In that line, “from the car” is a prepositional phrase”; while “we go into our backyard” contains a subject and verb. So that’s actually a full sentence.

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