Danylo’s Prepositional POEM

In Ukraine, aboard a British Airways Plane

Across europe

over the clouds

for 5 hours

of sleep, food and entertainment

with hundreds of people on the plane

at first we stop in london

after an hour, we get onto another plane

before takeoff, we pray for safety

After 30 minutes, we’re off once again

above London

across the Atlantic

Below is a desert of water

We traveled to USA

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1 thought on “Danylo’s Prepositional POEM

  1. Nicely done, Danylo. Just a note: some of your lines are more than phrases; they are sentences, because they contain subjects and predicates. For example: “After 30 minutes, we’re off once again.” In that line, “after 30 minutes” is a prepositional phrase, but “we’re off once again” is a subject and predicate.

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