Olivia P.’s Prepositional Phrase Poem


As the day passes by I listen to instructions

Before I could say anything I was in the boat traveling to the middle of the ocean

Unlike the other people I did not want to go under the water

As I get ready to go scuba diving they tell me to go in backwards behind the boat

Underneath the surface was a beautiful underwater world

As I look around I see the dive instructor show, catch, and hand me a big spiny pufferfish that was swimming by

After holding the puffer fish I got to hold a spider like crab

Unlike the other divers I got to see an eel swim under me

Beside me was a big venomous lionfish

Among me was field of bright yellow-ish green coral and many tropical fish   

Off in the distance I saw a sunken ship

As I get closer to the top I run out of air

Underneath the waves was a stunning underwater world

I dove    

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1 thought on “Olivia P.’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

  1. Nicely done, Olivia. Just a note: some of your lines were more than prepositional phrases; they were actually sentences. For example: your line: “Off in the distance I saw a sunken ship.” In that line, “off in the distance” is the prepositional phrase. “I saw a sunken ship” is the subject and predicate. So, for this poem, all you needed for the line was “off in the distance.” Look at your other lines and see what parts you could take out as well.

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