Sofia’s Prepositional phrase poem




 Aboard a decrepit yellow school bus

With 50 kids holding a lunch,toys, and their coats

Across a rigid road to a place we don’t know

Besides houses that are adjacent to each other

To a urban brick school owned by kind people

At the bottom floor of a 1st grade classroom

Below me kids were happy as Kayleigh and I came in

Between us was a book to read about christmas  

Before reading we helped make christmas crafts

Outside was raining so we played computer games

Towards the end of the day the kids went to lunch

Within 20 minutes of school ending we gave toys

But the day came to an end and the kids were sad

I left

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1 thought on “Sofia’s Prepositional phrase poem

  1. Nicely done, Sofia. Some of your lines were prepositional phrases, while others were full sentences, though. For example: “Below me kids were happy as Kayleigh and I came in.” In that sentence, “kids” is the subject and “were happy” is the verb, so it’s actually a clause, and not a phrase.

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