Max G.’s Prepositional Poem

Max Gregor

My journey to Ohio in summer 2016

Into the car my dad and I go

A small little gray rental car that has bald tires

Across the border of Connecticut and now entering Pennsylvania

Making a kool stop at the Little league World Series in Williamsport, PA

And stopping at a diner in the Hills of PA

Thru the hills we go in storms and sunshine

Into the state of Ohio we enter

And to Walsh University my new home for a week

My dad stays at a hotel 5 minutes away

I stay with another player from Georgia at Walsh University for USA Football

I am eager to get on the field

I get the note, I’m playing in the Cowboys stadium( AT&T stadium) for the US national team

Excited and Amazed

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1 thought on “Max G.’s Prepositional Poem

  1. Sounds like a great trip, Max. Some of these lines are prepositional phrases, while others are full sentences. For example: “Into the car my dad and I go.” In that line, “into the car” is a prepositional phrase. But it contains a subject, “my dad and I” and a predicate “go.” So, therefore, it’s a sentence. Look at your other lines and identify the ones that are also sentences.

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