Molly’s Prepositional Poem

Day at the Beach

Onto the sand our toes burned with each step

Under umbrellas people dozed off from the heat

Beside us people ate

Along the shore people ran

Behind me were three giggling friends

Around the corner we waved away seagulls

Above us was the bright sun

Across were the crashing waves

Past us were little kids digging

Near were friends laughing

About to faint from the heat we headed to the shore

We swam.


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1 thought on “Molly’s Prepositional Poem

  1. Nicely done, Molly. While some of your lines are prepositional phrases, others are full sentences. For example: “Around the corner we waved away seagulls.” In that line, “around the corner” is a prepositional phrase, while the rest contains the subject (we) and a predicate – so it’s a sentence, not a phrase.

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