Lucy’s Prepositional Phrase Poem


In the Caribbean Sea

Beyond Cuba

Without cold temperatures and snow

With sunny sky’s, swaying palm trees, and white sandy beaches

Among gentle warm breezes and warm clear blue water

Amid the high skies of parasailing, I admire the various ocean colors below me

Above, I am able to see the entire island

Over the sand bars, the stingrays rest, I am amazed at the way they move

Below the ocean, I am given the opportunity to snorkel

Following the flow of the sea life, I am careful not to disturb their natural habitat

With a piece of raw squid in my hand, I am approached with schools of colorful fish

Among the beautiful sea life, I notice a spotted glowing tropical fish

Without hesitation, I take it all in

Above all things, this is by far the most beautiful place i’ve ever experienced



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1 thought on “Lucy’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

  1. Nicely done, Lucy. While some of your lines are simply prepositional phrases, others are full sentences. For example: “Below the ocean, I am given the opportunity to snorkel.” In that line, “below the ocean” is a prepositional phrase, while the rest contains a subject (I) and a predicate – so it’s a sentence.

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