Sean’s Prepositional Poem

A Normal Summer Day

At the Neighborhood pond with lots swimming in it

Under the blazing hot sun we were getting a decent tan

Eventually we went onward to my house

The pond we swam in was close by my house thankfully

Atop the hill my house was

Next we went onward inside our garage to after go into my play room

On the swings Ben went to swing

While on the swings they swings were making funny noises

The Ping Pong Table was very unsteady

The table fell down by the push of Ben Carter

We laughed

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1 thought on “Sean’s Prepositional Poem

  1. Sean,
    The lines of this poem contain prepositional phrases, but most of them also contain subjects and verbs, so therefore they are almost all sentences and not phrases. For example: “On the swings Ben went to swing.” In that sentence, “on the swings” is a prepositional phrase, but then the word “Ben” is a subject because “Ben” then did some action: “went to swing.” You only needed the prepositional phrases for this assignment.

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