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Dear peers on blog,

I am reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid Double Downa 217 page book written by Jeff Kinney. I read this book because I have been a huge fan of these book ever since elementary school and when this new book came out, I asked Mrs Burke to borrow it to read and she was kind enough to let me. I was very excited to read this because unlike most other books, I actually enjoy to read these books. I was very surprised to see that this book has sold more than 1 million copies.

Back at Greg Heffleys house, it is around Halloween time and Mrs Heffley has all of the Halloween candy hiding somewhere in the house. Greg has been tearing hi house upside down looking for the candy. Eventually, Greg gave up. The next day at school, Vice Principle Roy, the vice principle, announced an annual contest that would happen every year. The whole idea of this contest is you write down a bunch of personal information on a slip of paper, like name address, and a little letter explaining what the balloon means. The balloon would land somewhere and somebody would pick it up, read the info, and bring it to the address and person. Who ever had the balloon that traveled farthest, would win this BIG jar of candy corn in the main office of the school. Greg saw this as a golden opportunity to get a lot of candy before Halloween. So Greg entered, did all the requirements, got his balloon, and let it go. Now all Greg had to do was wait, but in the mean time he is gonna keep scowling the house for the candy his mom had bought. A couple of days later,Greg got a knock on the door, and at first did not know who it was, but when he saw a random person at the door with a balloon, he knew someone had found his balloon. He was really excited because he knew this meant he would get the candy. But what he wasn’t excited about is that Greg’s mom wanted the kid, Maddox, and his mother to come inside and hangout. Before Greg knew it, there was a kid he barley knew awkwardly sitting in his room on his bed. After a while of this,it was time for Maddox to go home. Greg was so relieved. Once Maddox left, Greg realized he had never gotten his balloon. He would not be able to win the contest without the balloon. What Greg was happy to hear, was that Mrs Heffley made more plans for Greg to hangout with Maddox. Greg was jolly to hear this because this meant he would be able to get his balloon back. Greg went over there the next day, thinking he was going to get his balloon and leave. Turns out, that was not the plan because Mrs Heffley and Maddox’s mom were going out for coffee. So them two awkwardly hung out for a while. Finally, Mrs Heffley and Maddox’s mom arrived home. Greg grabbed his balloon and left. As entering the car, Greg was stopped by Maddox. He claimed that Greg had stole one of his legos while they were playing. After minutes of Greg being patted down, Maddox found a lego stuck to Gregs elbow. Maddox took it and ran back inside. After that day, Greg was hoping that was the end of he and Maddox ever hanging out.

This is a very fun read. In some cases it is a quick read but fun none the less. However, I like how the author added some anticipation into the story. He did this by keeping the reader waiting to see what would happen to Greg’s balloon. Who would find it? Where did it go?(page 66) That is how the author added anticipation in the story.

I would definitely recommend this book to anybody to wants to enjoy themselves while reading. I would rate this book a whopping 10/10 because its such a fun read and this is an understandable book.


Lambo :)(




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