Chloe R.: Memoir

Chloe Rozendaal

Mr. Jockers

ILA/ P.5


Causing Trouble


”Come on Chloe, just try it”, my Aunt coaxed.

My stomach lurched at the thought of that disgusting thing entering my body. I looked down at my plate where the piece of octopus laid, then out of the window of the restaurant that overlooked a stunning beach in Greece. Casually, I glanced around the room for an excuse to get out of eating the poor thing.

“Why can’t I eat things I already know I like?”, I asked.

My dad, mom and aunt looked at each other deciding what to say. My dad was the first to to speak,

“How do you know that you don’t like it if you’ve never tried it?”

“How do you know that I do?”, I replied.

My mother sighed and shook her head.

I looked out of the window again and saw a sailboat out in the ocean. It looked tiny from where I was but I could tell it was impressive up close. I pretended it was very interesting and whispered “wow” to myself to get their attention off of me. Everyone looked where I was looking.

I took my chance.

I stabbed the octopus and swiftly put it back on the serving plate.

“May I please go to the bathroom?” I asked as sweetly as I could, batting my eyelashes. The group looked back at me, so I held up my almost-empty glass of orange juice, and rattled the ice to show them that I had a reasonable desire to use the restroom.

“You can if you eat the piece of octopus,” my mom negotiated, “Hey, where did it go?”

I shrugged my shoulders and did my best to look confused and innocent, though I knew no one would fall for it. I brought my complimentary glass of water closer to me, as I knew the end result was inevitable.  I took my gleaming fork and plunged it into the round squishy piece I had put back. I closed my eyes and as dramatically as I could, started to put it in my mouth.

I stopped.

I put the octopus back on my plate.

“What if I’m allergic or something?” I asked.

“Just eat it,” my mom growled.

I put the octopus on my fork again, and this time I put it in my mouth faster to get it over with. I then drank half of the glass of water to show I hated it. To my surprise I actually liked it, but there was no way I was going to admit it. Especially after all the hassle and annoyance I caused them.

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2 thoughts on “Chloe R.: Memoir

  1. I really liked how you portrayed suspense of your story it’s quite nicely done!
    Though it falls a bit short.

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