Memoir: Molly L.

Molly Luckart

Mr. Jockers

ILA Period 8

Feb. 10, 2017

S’more Fun

We went from having huge joyous smiles on our faces to straight fear.

“Who is that,” asked Kelly?

“I have no idea,” Kate responded. So many thoughts were rushing through my mind I had no idea what to say. The blue pickup truck’s headlights shined in our faces for about twenty seconds. As I watched Kate’s golden, crispy marshmallow drop into the fire and burn we tried to think of what to do.

“Were you expecting anyone else to come tonight, Kate,” I asked?

Earlier that night…

“She’s here,” yelled Kate as Kelly walked up the stone patio steps. We greeted her at the door. Kelly stepped into the house and we all collapsed onto Kate’s living room couch.

“Ugh,” sighs Kelly, “I’m so hungry”.

“Me too,” I nodded in agreement.

“Well what do you want to eat?” asked Kate.

“I’ll eat anything, I don’t really care,” (although there was one thing on my mind, S’mores). As I walked across the kitchen heading toward the pantry I immediately spotted the Hershey’s chocolate bar and grabbed it off the top shelf.

“How about we have S’mores?,” I suggested.

I looked around outside at all the trees blowing in the brisk wind as we headed to the barn to get chairs.

I walked into the open barn that was filled with all sorts of things like bikes and storage boxes and scooters and yard tools, in search for three chairs.

“Over here,” yelled Kelly as she started to lift three beach chairs. As I quickly walked over to her, old hay crunched under my shoes with every step.

Once I picked up one of the three rainbow striped chairs I turned around to see Mr. Solway walk by with a handful of wood.

Kate and Kelly caught up to me just as the fire started to burn. Once we approached the fire I could feel the warmth of it’s flames breathing on my skin.

“Okay girls, enjoy your S’mores,” said Mr. Solway. I pulled out a stick, long enough to reach into the burning flames. After sliding a marshmallow onto the stick, I put it into the fire. The flames started to melt the marshmellow and began to make it all gooey. It’s golden outside started to appear.

“Guys, look at this picture”, as Kelly started to lift up her phone.

Just like that my marshmallows was burnt by the flames.

After sitting outside enjoying the oozing S’mores for about twenty minutes Kelly began to tell us about a scary movie she recently watched.

“We should watch a scary movie tonight,” I said.

“Yes,” agreed Kate “I love scary movies”.

We noticed a blue pickup truck start to slow its speed as it approached Kate’s driveway. We all sat in silence as it slowly and cautiously drove into the driveway.

“It’s probably just turning around,” suggested Kate although I could hear fear in her voice.

We sat there waiting for it to backup, but it just sat there.

“Okay, I am kind of freaked out” said Kelly, “Can we go inside?”

Just then Kate said “one… two…”.

Nobody waited for three, we were running as fast as we could to Kate’s back door. Not looking back I ran and ran until I approached the back door and flung in open. I looked back once inside and the fire was still burning, the chairs were still there, and the blue pickup truck was also still sitting there.

“What should we do,” asked Kate.

“I don’t know, maybe go get your parents, it could just be one of your siblings being dropped off,” suggested Kelly. Then we noticed lights moving outside. We ran to the closest window just in time to see the truck halfway down the street.

“Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to talk about scary movies,” I said jokingly.

“Yah, how about we watch a comedy instead?”

We then sat down on the couch all sighing with relief. After a few minutes we started to laugh about how we totally overreacted and the driver was probably just as confused. We were then ready to have some more fun!

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