The Lie- Mia P.

I have always been talkative with my closest friends. There would always be something for me to say. Until Now.
About a week earlier, it was Thanksgiv    ing Day. I was sitting on a large, beige couch in my grandpa’s living room because my family and I had just finished Thanksgiving dinner. My cousins called me over.
“Yeah… I replied not knowing what else to say.”
“Are you excited for tomorrow?”
I quickly remembered that tomorrow was Black Friday and inside my head I was jumping up and down, but I just said, “Of course!”
After this conversation, all of a sudden my phone buzzed which meant that I had either gotten a text message or a direct message on Instagram. This time, it was a direct message. It was from my good friend, Senem.
“Did you get the video?”
I quickly responded back, “What video?”
“The one of my grandma dancing,” she replied also adding a MIA, PAY ATTENTION! (Which was her signature saying when she was nervous.
I scrolled up and down all of our messages… There was no video. I couldn’t bear to tell Senem. If I did tell her, she would go completely nuts at me, when I didn’t even do anything. But, if I didn’t tell her, that would be lying and I have learned that lying to friends is the wrong thing to do. To stop that from happening, I told her I got the video and found it quite hilarious.
Just to be clear, Senem is known for sending messages to the wrong person. Well, she did it once again. Which now, that I am thinking about it as I write this memoir, I shouldn’t have done that because well, I know that this happened to me, any one of my friends would have told me the truth.

First, here is some background information… First off, I was “browsing” websites for Black Friday Deals when she messaged me. When I say browsing, I mean actually shopping. Senem hadn’t done anything except fail to send me a video so, I don’t know why I really chose to lie about getting it. I guess sometimes you have to lie to help your friends. I helped Senem at the time by not making her worry all break long by telling her she “misplaced” a video.

About a week later, when we got to school after break, the video topic came up during class and Senem was talking about it, asking me all sorts of questions about it. Such as, what did you think about the video? Did you hear everyone laughing? Did you see what she was wearing? I couldn’t keep lying to her because first off, it was the wrong thing to do and second, I couldn’t keep dodging these questions.  So… I decided to tell her.
Here is how it went:
“Senem…,” I mumbled
“I don’t exactly know how to tell you this but, here it goes, I never got the video…”
In my head, after I said this, I was thinking oh no.. She’s going to be furious with me. But, it didn’t go that bad.
“What do you mean?” she started saying but I mean she’s never really gets angry so, that’s a good thing.
“I lied… to you.. I’m so sorry but, someone else must have received that video…”
Senem found it to be quite funny actually. She laughed and said, “If you didn’t get it, then, who did I send it to?”
“I have no idea but, your sure your not mad?” I asked. Because. I would be. I mean kinda. Maybe. I don’t know.
“No,” she answered back

After this “awkward” experience was over, I never lied about a stupid thing like that ever again. Since then, I have been completely honest about not receiving any messages. I believe that I really took the fun out of one of my friendships over one dumb little thing. The best part was I learned a lesson from all of this. “Always tell the truth no matter how hard it is.”

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