Claire’s Memoir

Claire Kocis


Ila 8


Unforgettable Night

It was midnight and we were in tears. Hailey and I sat up-right in Riley’s loft waiting for a response from Hailey’s parents.

      “ Hailey have you heard back yet. Maybe you should try calling if she hasn’t responded.” I suggested.

     “ Claire, are you guys really going to do this?” Riley exclaimed.


      “ Yes Riley” Hailey and I said in sync. Hailey and I could be at home at this moment but instead we were awake and fighting . I just wanted to leave so badly but Haileys parents hadn’t arrived yet. We sat in the purple loft on uncomfortable floors waiting for the news that Hailey’s parents were on their way. Riley walks out of the room crying to her mom and begins to blame everything on us . I couldn’t wait to leave and be happy again.

Never have I ever cried at a sleepover or left in the middle of the night. Riley didn’t quite understand why we were exactly leaving her house though. Never again would I sleepover at Riley’s house. I walked out of her blue front door at  12:45 in the morning and was relieved I was gone.

 Nine hours earlier I hopped into Riley’s car, wishing for a fun and memorable time but, it turned out to be a little different.

It was a sunny fall day in November when I went over to my friend Riley’s house after gymnastics. I hadn’t seen my friends Riley and Hailey in a really long time. When we arrived at Riley’s house we went upstairs immediately. Riley had just moved into a new house and we had wanted to see her new room since it had a loft in it. We explored her room and talked for a while until her mom called us downstairs to eat. We had delicious dinosaur chicken nuggets with fries. I was starving and I was super excited to eat. As soon as we finished eating we decided to go into the hot tub. I walk outside of the kitchen onto the cold pavement. Hailey and I lift the cover off of the hot tub as a gross smell whiffs into my face. It makes me want to barf and not even get into the hot tub. The water is a greenish blue and it looks disgusting.

 “ Our hot tub is really safe because it doesn’t have any chemicals in it.” Riley says

   I think to myself, “ a hot tub is supposed to have chemicals in it or else you can get really sick.” Hailey and I look at each other right after Riley had said that since both of us know that you are supposed to put chemicals in your hot tub and pool. After being in the hot tub for about 15 minutes I felt gross. I wanted to shower desperately. Our hair smelt so bad. Riley said that we didn’t need to shower though.

“ Claire and Hailey, do you guys want to sleepover? ” Riley asked

“ Um sure, let me ask my mom first” I replied.

“ Me too” Hailey exclaimed.


I knew my mom wasn’t going to let me sleepover because I had a soccer game tomorrow that I needed to go to. I texted my mom saying “ Hi mom, I was wondering if I could sleepover at Riley’s house. Hailey is.” My mom didn’t answer for a little while but I gave it some time. In the meantime we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. I was getting upset that my mom wasn’t answering so I decided to call her.

“ Mom, hello?” I said

  “ Hi Claire” She replied

  “ Can I sleep over at Riley’s house tonight?” I asked with hope

“ Well claire, you know that you have a soccer game tomorrow morning” My mom said

“ I know but couldn’t I miss that just for this time?” I asked

“ Claire, I think you should go to your soccer game”

“ But mom, I haven’t seen Hailey and Riley and we are having a lot of fun”

“ Claire maybe another time, just not tonight.” My mom exclaimed

  I was so upset because all I wanted to do was sleepover. I kept an eye on my phone in case my mom called me back with good news. We walked for about 5 more minutes until my phone began to ring again.

  “ Claire, your dad and I discussed it and you can sleepover if you would like to.” My mom said to me

 I didn’t answer my mom for about 30 seconds. “ Ok, I’m sleeping over then. Thank you”. I said  happily. I couldn’t tell if my mom was joking around or not with me but either way I was sleeping over. I was super excited to sleepover. The only problem was that my mom wasn’t going to drive all the way up to Sandy Hook to bring me pajamas. It was around 7:30 at night and we were just sitting around thinking of ideas to do. Soon enough the dinner was ready. Riley’s mom called us downstairs to eat. Hailey, Riley and I walk down the stairs and went into the kitchen where the the oven timer goes off letting us know that the food is ready. We sit down at the island in the middle of the kitchen where the brick oven pizza sits waiting to be eaten. Surrounding me is commotion about what to do next as I can feel the heat coming off the cheese pizza coming into face as I shove the pizza into my mouth. After dinner we decided to play hide and go seek. I didn’t really want to play hide and go seek but I went with it. Of course Riley made me count first and I couldn’t find them at all. After a while of playing hide and go seek in the dark Riley began to get onto my nerves. She wasn’t being very nice to me or Hailey. Hailey and I recommended doing something other than hide and go seek but Riley didn’t agree with us. Riley started to get snarky and very annoying. At this point we had decided that we were going to go watch a movie and get ready for bead. It was around 10:45 when we decided we were going to watch a movie, but first we had to figure out where we were sleeping.

 “ Guys, do you want to sleep in the loft ?” Riley asked

  “ Sure” I said

We had all agreed about sleeping in the loft. I hadn’t been up in her loft yet and I was really excited to go up there. I climbed up the ladder to the loft of where I would be sleeping tonight. I was super excited to sleep in the loft. I was just afraid that I was going to fall off since the railing wasn’t very sturdy at all. In the loft there was a chalkboard on it and there was a tv and definitely not a lot of room. I realized that there wasn’t much room and I sure didn’t think that we were all going to fit, but we had to since there was no where else to sleep. There was a bunch of writing on the chalkboard. I layed down on the cream colored rug. I didn’t want to sleep up in the loft anymore with 3 people. It was already uncomfortable just laying there.I just didn’t see why we had to sleep in the loft. Hailey and I were getting very mad at riley at this point.

“ Guys, I don’t know where else we are going to sleep if we don’t sleep in the loft” Riley said

 “ Ok, but I think we can find somewhere to sleep because we aren’t all going to fit up here Riley and it’s uncomfortable” I exclaimed

 “ We can all fit up here I’m pretty sure” Riley said

“ I don’t think we can Riley. We were all just laying up there and it wasn’t that comfortable and we were all smushed together. I think it would be better if we slept somewhere else.” Hailey said

It was probably around 11:00 and we were arguing still. I was so tired I just wanted to go to bed but there wasn’t anywhere to sleep. By now Hailey and I both wanted to leave but we didn’t know how to tell Riley. Hailey and I sat up in the loft texting each other quietly as Riley went and cried to her mom.

“ You guys just don’t want me to sleep up there with you guys” Riley yelled at us

 “ Riley of course we do, I just don’t think we are all going to fit in the loft” I said to Riley

Minutes later Hailey and I were crying. I couldn’t stay any longer. Riley began making things up about me and Hailey and saying horrible things to us.

“ Hailey, text your mom right now please, I want to leave” I whispered to Hailey

   “ Ok, I will tell my mom or dad to come get us” Hailey said

I wa hoping that I could leave and get away from Riley. Soon enough we were all crying and then we heard a knock on the door. I jumped up with excitement, grabbed my stuff and Hailey and I walked out of Riley’s house at about 12:45. I was so relieved.

That afternoon on a sunny sunday I regret everything that I decided to do; sleeping over at Rileys and forcing my mom to let me sleepover. A disaster that sleepover it was. I had always been excited for a sleepover with my friends but not after this one. I haven’t had a sleepover at Riley’s house since. We didn’t talk for about a month and a half. That night was probably one of the worst night’s ever and the first time I have ever left a sleepover. Never again will I sleepover at Riley’s house after she acted like that and said horrible things to me. It was supposed to be a fun and exciting day for us but except it was the opposite. Rileys sat on her bed in shock as Hailey and I climbed down from the loft and left.

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