Charlie’s Memoir

The Bar


“I’ll open it” I said

Sense I just got my new swiss army knife I wanted to use it as much as I could and whenever I could. My mom wanted to get a drink of Mike’s Lemonade.

My brother just being my brother asked if he could try it.

“Sure” my mom said

Which put me in total shock. But then I remembered that I had never asked.

I decided to ask for my self “Hey mom could I try some too”

My Grandma looks at my mom and my mom says

“Hurry up Tom it’s time to go” every year Tom my brother is late he never packes early.


“I know i’m just grabbing a few more things then i’ll be right there” He yells from the other side of the house


We are heading off to the beach this year, as we do every year. We go with my 2 aunts, and my 2 uncles, and my 3 cousins. We stay at the beach for 1 week every year this has been a tradition for a while, I can’t even remember. When I go to the beach my favorite thing to do is go to the sand bar with my uncle Anthony ( he has long hair and a beard, he has a million pairs of sunglasses that he wears every day, along with a light blue fedora). He calls me Charlie Bag’o doughnuts and my brother Tommy Two Times.


We do our sad goodbyes with our dad. That sadness disappearing in happiness as we arrive at the house we are staying at.


As I stepped out of the car I could hear the oo’s and ahh’s of my family s they see us pull into the driveway. Even at the house you can hear the waves fall of the sandy beach and all the noise and laughter of children. I move towards my family to say hello and then it hits me the smell of the beach, our grill cooking all the food you could ever want . I can smell the salty ocean not too far away from where I stand right now. I wanted a burger from the sizzling grill with lunch. I walk into the house to hear the shuffling of cards and I wonder if I should join

“I can’t, I have to unpack and then I can play” I say to myself “Mom wouldn’t be happy if she knew I wasn’t putting the  clothes away and instead playing”

My favorite part of the week is when we go to the sandbar in the morning. I go with my uncle and brother. We sometimes bring a football and sometimes we just jump through the waves. When it’s just me and my brother we can do a lot of stuff.

“Hey charlie, do you want to go to the sandbar” Tom asks me.

“Do I even need to answer I say as I get up out of the sand and brush myself off”

“Race ya,” he says as he takes off with even finishing his sentence

I always win because he walks into the water tough and then takes forever to get there because he thinks the water is cold. He also can’t walk there he has to swim

“I walk to the water and pass him and then I walk all the way to the sandbar. The I fall back ward into the water just to go under.

“Dang it” he says “I really thought that I could beat you this time”

“Yeah sure like you would ever beat me”

“Hey ya want to have a sand battle”  he asks

Sand battle is this this game that me and my brother play where we pick up sand from the floor of the sand bar and throw it at each other taking turns. The non thrower tries to dodge the sand coming at him and vise versa.

“What do you think” I say to him. This is actually one of my more favorite games.

I won 10 to 7

“Dang it” Tom says “Every time”

“I’m just too good at this” I exclaimed “wow Tom look at all the little fish”

“Wow” Tom says

“Wait didn’t we bring the nets this year,” I ask tom

And before I knew it he was on the beach and grabbing the nets. He swam back without hesitation, and was there.

“Wow that was fast” I say

We ran trying to catch the fish but the tide started to go up and we had to go back without any fish caught. We were happy though because we had fun.

We always have something good for dinner like swordfish or burgers or fried dough.

This time were having paella. It originated from spain and is made mainly of roots and seafood.

“This is amazing I say with my mouth full of muscles” I say

“Thanks Bag’o donuts( my nickname)” My uncle says

“Yeah” my brother says as he comes up with me to get seconds

“You too Tommy Two Times”(That is his nick name)

“Of course this is the best” Tom says

We usually eat on the porch, or when it’s rainy we eat in the living room of the white house. There are two houses the brown house is where my aunts and uncles stay. And the white house is where my family and my grandparents stay.

One year I said to my mom that the house isn’t that good of a house. She got rally mad at me.

“Charlie, we’re not here because of the house, we’re here because we want to be with family, if you want to live in a good house than I can take you home now and you can stay with dad”

That was enough talk for me to shut my mouth about how good the house is.

The next day when Lunch is being served my mom asks me

“Charlie could you grad me a mikes, you know where it is right”

“Yes of course, and I can use the new swiss army knife that Bob got me,” I proclame

Can I try some” Tom asks just to be annoying

“Yeah sure why not” My mom says

I am surprised. So I try my luck “Hey Mom can I try some too”

I see my grandma look at my mom like this would decide the fate of the world and my mom says “yeah, sure why not,”

I grab a shot glass and fill it up and have a sip it is delicious. My mom said that’s all I get and I have to give it to Tom now. Not wanting to push my luck I don’t argue.

The rest of the week went by really fast as it always does thats the bad part about having fun, it flies by.

I hate packing up. It’s so sad because the house looks so empty and everyones can hear the people on the beach laughing and playing while we have to pack up to leave. I slept in and don’t go for a walk to the candy store like I usually do. Its has been a tradition since we found the candy store. Thankfully my brother talked to my mom and we got candy for the ride home. Even for me.

And there is no way I will forget the bar.


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