Coco’s Memoir

The Ice Rink
My family went to the Palisades mall one day and while the girls were still slowly shopping we were walking around the mall looking for something fun to do. We haven’t been in this mall before, so we don’t know really what there is to do. Unfortunately, my dad looked at the map and said, “let’s see all our choices. Ice skating?” he suggests.
“Yes!” Austin (my brother) said, he’s good at ice skating, so I could understand why he said yes.
“No… I’m not good at ice skating” I said.
“Oh, it’s fine you’ll learn.” Dad said
“Ok, I’ll try it out.” I said
Then we found the skating rink, when we got there, we needed skates, so I took off one of my shoes and looked at the size. I never really know what size I am. So we get our skates on, and head for the rink. I wasn’t very good at skating at all so I went on the ice slowly and took it easy. But my dad doesn’t have to take it easy because knows how to skate. My brother also knows how to skate so he went on the ice quickly wanted to go fast. But he wasn’t that good, obviously, because he lost his balance and fell.
I look over to see if he’s ok, and see him down on the ice with blood on his eyebrow seeping into the ice turning it red. So my dad gets over to him, picks him up and helps him out of the rink. I look back on the rink to see where he fell, and see a circle of red ice. I think to myself “Why wasn’t he careful enough? How did he fall that quickly?”
So my dad brings him to the front desk and asks for the first aid kit. While the guy is cleaning Austin up and putting the bandage on him, he asks if we want the ambulance to come. We said no because, it wasn’t that bad that we had to go to the emergency room, and besides we wanted to skate more. So when we were done skating we returned the skates, and went to the car. But we knew we had go to hospital because we couldn’t leave it like that. So we drove to the hospital.

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1 thought on “Coco’s Memoir

  1. I like how you gave us alot of background detail and i would like to know if you guys ever went back to that mall or skating rink.

    From josette in GP TX

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