Troy’s Memoir

Troy Andreoli


Period 1/ ILA

Feb, 10, 2017

I Did Nothing

I woke up face down lying on top of a black bean bag chair  remembering the night of fun and games I had had with my friend Noah. I laid in the dark room seeing the light peek around the edge of the brown wooden door and as my eyes took a second to adjust from my long sleep, I notice no one is there but me. I guess I was the last one to be awake, and I realize everyone is upstairs in the kitchen from the scents. My nose takes in a strong delicious smell of bacon and eggs, and my stomach urges me to get up. It takes a little while for me to pull myself out of bed, but I do it and I make my way upstairs. I feel my feet on the cold floors of Noah’s basement and hear the creaky noise coming from the stairs as I place my feet one by one on them. As I climb, I notice the hole for the cats has claw marks surrounding it. As I make my way up the stairs I am still tired and my head is down when I open the door. The first thing I can see is everyone’s feet all covered with black and white socks except then I see Mr. Simons feet in his all black Asics. I become more and more awake as the dogs bark loudly in the background and Noah’s brother Cadon friends are talking and laughing. I slowly take a seat next to Noah at the kitchen island where there is a plate in front of me and a knife and fork to the left and right of it, I wait for breakfast. Breakfast is finally served and everyone eats quietly enjoying their meal. After breakfast Noah and I go back downstairs and Cadon and his friends follow.

We all sat there, not knowing what to do, there was nothing really to do. We kind of just talked, but none of us wanted to just talk. Most of us had to leave soon and we wanted to do something fun and excitig before we had to go home. We tried to do a few things, but we always ended up back sitting down and talking. Out of boredom people started stuffing their bodies under the bean bags because in the Simons’ basement they have three ginormus full body bean bags. It wasn’t a real surprise that both Noah and his brother had their bodies under two separate bean bags. I don’t know why but I felt like I had to do something to get everyone’s energy flowing. My first idea was to get these two brothers out of their bean bags, so I started with Cadon and I took one big leap onto Cadon’s bean bag. I first heard a small scream but then a giggle, next up was Noah. It was the same situation, the plan was to jump up and land on Noah’s bean bag so he would get up. I tucked my knees in and wrapped my arms around them and took one giant leap of faith and landed directly onto Noah’s bean bag. CRACK! I quickly realized I didn’t just land on the bean bag. I had landed on something round and hard, and Noah’s yelp was way different then Cadon’s. Noah’s was more of a scream. As Noah got up, all I hear is him scream,“AHHHHH”, and sadly it wasn’t followed by laughter. Quickly Noah darts up the stairs with a trail of blood following him.

“What’s that noise? Who is that?!” Noah’s nanny lightly yells.

“Ahhhhh,” Noah responds with a mumble.

“I don’t know, I didn’t mean to,” I say.

“You did this? How?”, questions the nanny.

Since I haven’t really introduced myself yet to the new nanny, I realize this is definitely not the best first impression. She stands there staring at me in shock, forgetting about the situation.

“Noah go to the bathroom!”, she orders.

“You!!” She points at me “Go get napkins”.

I rush over to the kitchen grabbing roll after roll of napkins,then I quickly rush back.

“Noah where does it hurt?”, she tries to say calmly.

She looks back at me and I hand her the napkins.

The new nanny hasn’t been there very long.  For a moment I cannot even imagine what is going through her head, but then on the other head I realize I shouldn’t be worrying about her, I should be worrying about Noah. Noah’s problem is a hundred times worse. After most of the blood starts to leave Noah’s mouth, he starts to sound out words like he wants to say something.

“I just spit out a tooth into the toilet, and I lost the last one”, he says with a slurred voice.

Both Noah’s nanny and I just sat there in shocked, and I started to think to myself what did I do. I don’t know how much damage I have done to Noah, one of my best friend, but I probably broke his jaw,and now he just told me that he had lost two teeth. I sat there horrified for a couple of minutes and I didn’t say anything, until Noah broke the ice and said,“It’s stairs.”

I quickly realized he was talking about his tooth, the first tooth he spit out in the toilet but the second one was still in the basement. As Noah and his nanny stay upstairs, I rush down to the basement. I make my way down the stairs, turn to my left and follow the trail of blood. I pass Cadon and his friends,who are all still laying down and just talking. I tell Cadon and everyone, “Noah just said he lost two teeth and one of them is down here.”  Cadon looked shocked at first but doesn’t say anything. I lift up the bean bag where I jumped on Noah and spot it. I find a small white tooth with a little stain of yellow surrounding the top of the tooth. Right in the core of the tooth, blood is dripping. Luckily, this tooth was just a baby tooth, but I was not sure about the other one.

I realized when Noah was talking about losing two of his teeth, that I was responsible for knocking out two of one of my best friend’s teeth,and I also have a high chance of breaking his jaw in a matter of 20 seconds. Inside, I feel so much frustration build up, even a little of anger because I don’t know how to fix the situation. All I did was really mess everything up.

I didnt know what to do… I wished this never happened, I wished I had never jumped onto Noah.

After the chaos began to settle, I took a seat on the couch. I didn´t do anything. I didn´t go on my phone, or turn on the TV, I just sat there. I didn´t know what to do. I didn´t know how to help. I was useless. But after a few minutes Noah came over with a big ice cube in his lip and a paper towel with blood stains wrapped around his mouth. I didn´t want to say anything because I saw that Noah was in so much pain as he rocked back and fourth. I just sat there in the silence making no sound. I was like the background of a painting, I just watched.

I sat there and saw my friend in pain and did nothing. I sat there and heard my friend moan in agony but I did nothing. I sat there and I could feel my friend trembling.

    And I did nothing….

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